SIP Calculator:
SIP calculator is a financial tool that gives the minimum SIP investment needs to be placed in a mutual fund so as to achieve the goal of a certain amount after a certain period apart from this sip calculator shows how much wealth you will accumulate with your current sip investment.
sip calculator with inflation
this sip calculator provides inflation-adjusted values as well to show the real worth of your money and it also gives the meaning of those numbers.
Lump-sum sip calculator
this calculator not only provides the worth of your monthly investment but also the worth of your single onetime investment or lump sum sip investment.

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sip calculator-excel based:
this sip calculator is based on an excel sheet, you can get this sheet and also embed this calculator in your own website for free. to get the embed code widget for sip calculator click GET SIP CALCULATOR WIDGET CODE HTML


SIP meaning or What is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)?
A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a systematic investment approach. Through the SIP route, you invest a fixed amount of money out of your income in mutual funds at regular intervals, monthly, quarterly, or even semi-annual basis. The purpose of investing in mutual funds through SIP is to create wealth in the long run without investing huge money.

How sip calculator work?
it basically uses the following formula.
for monthly investment.
future wealth = SIP(1-(1+ r)^(-p))/r
r = annual return compounded monthly
p = total months up to which you want to invest

for lum sum investment
future wealth = lump sum investment * (1+r)^p

What are the types of SIPs?

1. Top-up SIP: in this, you can change your investment by a previously agreed fixed amount at previously agreed intervals
2. Flexible SIP: you can increase or decrease the size of your sip investment according to your monthly income level
3. Perpetual SIP: in this system, you can keep investing in your fund unless you get the desired wealth or corpus, then you redeem it.

What is the interest rate on sips?
the interest rate or rate of return on sip varies from one mutual fund to another depending on the asset class they choose however in general equity-based funds provide more return than debt funds as they operate on higher risk. and return also depends on the size of the funds.

Are SIPs tax-free?
not completely, SIPs are nothing but the mutual fund investments and only ELSS mutual funds are tax exempt in section 80C of income tax Act1961.
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