Rossari Biotech IPO,  Yes Bank FPO or Bharat Bond NFO: Which one is for you? 

Well here is an analysis of some best stocks you can buy.                                              

This week gives some promising investing options to investors in the form of Rossari Biotech IPO, Yes Bank FPO or Bharat. Bond NFO.
But the question is which one to go for and which one to leave? Answer is easy, if you have good risk appetite and liquidity go for all three.

Rossari Biotech IPO:

The IPO opens on 13 July and will close on 15 July. Its comes with price range of Rs. 423-425 per share.
Although the valuations are high as compared to its peers but at the same time it comes with a portfolio that none of its peers matches and promising growth opportunities.
It is a net debt free company with great ROE and ROCE. Most of the analysts have given advise to subscribe. As on first day it is subscribed by 60%.

Yes Bank FPO: 

Yes Bank comes with somewhat controversial background where retail investors have taken a great hit on their invested capital.
The FPO comes with price range of Rs. 12-13 per share (41-46% discount on its closing price on 13th July).
This bank is well backed by SBI which owns 49% on Yes bank and also has appoved investment of further Rs. 1750 Crores.
But the NPA chapter is not gonna leave it easy and in short term (specially under the COVID 19 circumstances) any big turnaround is not expected.
Although the FPO provides good risk reward ratio as investors doesn’t have much to lose now.

Bharat Bond ETF: 

Bharat Bond ETF comes with its 2nd tranche which has 2 variants: a 10-year ETF that will mature in April 2031 (Bharat Bond ETF April 2031) and a five-year product that will mature in April 2025 (Bharat Bond ETF April 2025). It definitely looks to be a good option in terms of safety, returns, diversification.
This invests in AAA-rated PSU bonds. Previous Variants issued in December 2019 have given returns of 7.49% (for April 2023 maturity) and 9.15% (for April 2030 maturity) till now.

In summary:
Rossari Biotech IPO: For listing gains (subject to market conditions) and Long term investment.

Yes Bank FPO: Investors with good risk appetite for Long term investment.

Bharat Bond ETF: For Long term investment.