How to play Tekken 7 – The 10 Simple Steps to Success -Basic to Advanced Player Game Guide- | Tekken Coaching | Walkthrough | Fundamentals | Beginner to Pro Gamer

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Are you looking for ways to become a stronger Tekken player right away?
–Then this is the book for you!

With this quick and simple Tekken 7 guidebook, you’ll get answers to your challenges on how to develop your fundaments in your game in order to become a more stable and powerful player.

Obtain the key knowledge you need to move fast forward in Tekken 7. From this, you can build your better understanding of game mechanics in the correct way to become a better player overall in how to think and do things the right way, both online and offline.

Learn from someone who has close to 20 years of experience with the Tekken series and coaches other players to become stronger in Tekken 7.

Get your questions answered:
"How can I get better in Tekken?"
"How do I actually get good at Tekken?"
"Tekken 7 back dashing and quick recovery?"
"How to get out of pressure?"
"How do I get more potential with my character."
"How to guard in Tekken, or do the moves correctly?"

Here are the 10 steps of this book:

  1. How do I find my Main Character?
  2. Practice your Movements and Moves
  3. Do you have to use Combos?
  4. Dynamics of the Rage Art and Rage Drive
  5. Power Crush
  6. The Mental Game, Learn and grow from your Mistakes
  7. Understand the Frames
  8. The Power of Parry, and the Low Parries
  9. You should Watch and Learn from High-Level YouTube and Twitch Player Videos
  10. Final Tips for Conquering Tekken 7

Book content is also updated for the latest Season 3 2020 patch.

Start your practicing and become better today!

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