Software Engineering for SPPU 19 Course (SE – IV – Comp. – 210253)

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Unit IIntroduction to Software Engineering and Software Process Models Software Engineering Fundamentals: Introduction to software engineering, The Nature of Software, Defining Software, Software Engineering Practice. Software Process: A Generic Process Model, defining a Framework Activity, Identifying a Task Set, Process Patterns, Process Assessment and Improvement, Prescriptive Process Models, The Waterfall Model, Incremental Process Models, Evolutionary Process Models, Concurrent Models, A Final Word on Evolutionary Processes. Unified Process, Agile software development: Agile methods, plan driven and agile development. (Chapter 1) Unit IISoftware Requirements Engineering and Analysis Modeling: Requirements Engineering, Establishing the Groundwork, Identifying Stakeholders, Recognizing Multiple Viewpoints, working toward Collaboration, Asking the First Questions, Eliciting Requirements, Collaborative Requirements Gathering, Usage Scenarios, Elicitation Work Products, Developing Use Cases, Building the Requirements Model, Elements of the Requirements Model, Negotiating Requirements, Validating Requirements. Suggested Free Open Source tools: StarUML, Modelio, SmartDraw. (Chapter 2) Unit IIIEstimation and Scheduling Estimation for Software Projects: The Project Planning Process, Defining Software Scope and Checking Feasibility, Resources management, Reusable Software Resources, Environmental Resources, Software Project Estimation, Decomposition Techniques, Software Sizing, Problem-Based Estimation, LOC-Based Estimation, FP-Based Estimation, Object Point (OP)-based estimation, Process-Based Estimation, Estimation with Use Cases, Use- Case – Based Estimation, Reconciling Estimates, Empirical Estimation Models, The Structure of Estimation Models, The COCOMO II Mode, Preparing Requirement Traceability Matrix Unit IVDesign Engineering Unit VRisks and Configuration Management Unit VISoftware Testing

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