After Being Diagnosed With Ovarian Cysts, Lilly Singh Shares A “Vulnerable Post”

Lilly Singh’s vulnerable post (Courtesy: lilly)


  • In February, Lilly Singh was diagnosed with ovarian cysts
  • She has now shared a “vulnerable post”
  • “Today was a day filled with a lot of overwhelming things,” wrote Lilly

New Delhi:

Lilly Singh, who was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, has shared a “vulnerable post” Along with the note, Lilly has also shared photos, showing her natural skin. She started her post by writing, “Vulnerable post. Today was a day filled with a lot of overwhelming things. I announced my new show, my TED talk released, my new book is releasing in a month and I won’t lie, I’m on my period and my hormones are raging (lol). It may seem that on a day like today, filled with joyous news, I would be filled with positivity. But the truth is, days like this are the most spiritually challenging for me. Because I have to remember not to attach my value to these things and that’s a lot of mental work.”

Lilly Singh added that she is “more than a show, more than a performance and more than a bestsellers list” and wrote, “I am a full human without these things. I can be grateful for them without becoming them.”

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“So, a reminder to you, that you are more than you probably give yourself credit for. You are a friend, a lover, a child, possibly a parent, someone people think about, a part of people’s best memories and worthy of space. Thanks for letting me word vomit. This helped release a bit of my anxiety. Love and light to you my fellow lovely human,” concluded Lilly Singh.

Here’s Lilly Singh’s post:

On February 24, Lilly Singh had announced that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and had written, “Spent the last day in the ER because my ovaries have the AUDACITY to be wilding out. Both of them have cysts. And I’m just out here like REALLY B?! Let me understand this. You’re going to make me suffer once a month and then IN ADDITION, stab me inbetween periods?! LOLOLOLOL. WOW. THE ENTITLEMENT… the NERVE. IM WEAKKKK…. No but actually. It hurts and I’m tired lol but I truly expect nothing less than my organs doing the most. After all I am their mother.”

On the work front, Lilly Singh was recently seen in the second season of Hulu’s comedy series Dollface.

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