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Writers invited!

content writes needed

Financetin is inviting writers(beginners to advance), if you think you can write any of the following topics, then feel free to contact us.

  1. Finance(including personal finance and taxation)
  2. Risk management
  3. Financial markets and financial services
  4. Business and Economics
  5. Money-making and money management
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. national and international trade relations
  8. Leadership 
  9. Personal growth
  10. Digital marketing
  11. Affiliate marketing
  12. Advertisement( not be a sponsored post)

We will also accept guest posts, currently, we plan to publish around 3 to 4 post a weak, probably appear on Saturday. Guidelines:

  1. Your content should be original, it should not have previously posted anywhere.
  2. You will not publish the same content anywhere else including on your own blog however in case the guest post you can write a summary or a teaser to the complete content and link it to your website.
  3. Your post shall be published in your name only and if any visitor has any query, he or she will contact you directly on your details which you will provide to us,(so yes! it can increase your own client base) so please provide correct contact details.
  4. Your post should not be less than 500 words(or 4 paras.) and should not be more than 900 words.
  5. Last but not least you should have at least working knowledge or experience in any of the abovementioned areas.


  1. After your submission, we will perform a plagiarism check, grammar check, spelling check, etc. and make the changes accordingly. we will also do the SEO of your post( if not done already)4 for better google rankings and after editing will mail you back the updated post for your approval before submission.
  2. we may also add suitable conclusions to your post(article), if not included already.

If your post meets all the criteria then it will be accepted and you will hear from us in a weak or two. contact us at
[email protected]
[email protected] or 
Fill out the following contact form

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