Avengers Endgame’s Joe Russo Finally Breaks Silence on Why Iron Man Was Killed Instead of Captain America

Chris Evan as Captain America (L) and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.

Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo claims it would have been ‘fairly obvious’ for Steve Rogers to be killed off in the Infinity Saga conclusion.

Avengers: Endgame was 2019’s biggest movie and featured the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU’s) last movie featuring Iron Man. The sequel to Avengers: Infinity War showed the superheroes, who had survived Thanos’s snap, trying to undo the killings of half of human life. While the biggest cast ensemble triumphed in their mission to do so, fans lost some of their favorite characters. The two biggest incidents in the movie that broke fans’ hearts were Black Widow and Iron Man’s death.

Two Avengers dying in one movie can be devastating for the fans. But Joe Russo recently opened up about why Iron Man had to die in the end rather than Captain America.

ComicBookReader reported that Joe Russo while talking about it in a panel at St. Andrews Film Festival, said that he discussed which superhero should die in the end.

“If you think of Captain America as a character, you go ‘Okay, Captain America dying is fairly obvious,’ right? [Self-sacrifice] is something he would do based on the character,” he said. “You know, this is a guy who offered to be a guinea pig in a science experiment in order to be able to go fight Nazis in the war. He’s intrinsically a hero. Like, there’s not a lot of complexity there. It might be emotionally impactful because you like him. You know, he’s a very likable character, but it’s not necessarily the most compelling arc.”

Captain America and Iron Man have always tussled for the leadership of Avengers. Although Tony Stark always had an ego, Captain America usually led the group and planned the heroic takedown of villains and their groups. However, fans have always considered Iron Man to be the most iconic Avenger. That is because of obvious reasons. The first is the charisma that Robert Downey Jr. displays when he plays Iron Man on the big screen, and the second is that Iron Man laid the foundation stone for the MCU.

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