Here Are top 10 Current Affairs Questions For Competitive Exams

What is the currency of Switzerland?

What is the currency of Switzerland?

These questions could be from different subjects.

General Knowledge (GK) questions are asked in various competitive exams like Bank services, SSC, Railway, Civil Services etc. Hence its preparation is essential to ensure success in government jobs. These questions could be from different subjects.

Here are ten such objective questions of GK related to subjects like History, Art & Culture, Environment and Politics, which can help you clear these competitive exams with flying colours.:

1. Who has been sworn in as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia?

(A) Anthony Albanese

(B) Anthony Albert

(C) Alex Hawke

(D) Stuart Robert

Answer (A) Anthony Albanese

2. In which country was the Quad Summit 2022 organized?

(A India

(B) Japan

(C) China

(D) Australia

Answer (B) Japan

3. When is the International Day of Biodiversity celebrated?

(A) 21 May

(B) 22 May

(C) 23 May

(D) 24 May

Answer- (A) 21 May

4. Where was the rare Blue-bellied Kukri snake seen after 112 years?

(A) Assam

(B) Arunachal Pradesh

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Sikkim

Answer- (A) Assam

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5. The Indian Constituent Assembly adopted the design of the Indian National Flag on

(A) 23 August 1947

(B) 13 September 1947

(C) 22 July 1947

Answer- (C) 22 July1947

6. Which scientist discovered oxygen?

(A) Antoine Lavoisier

(B) John Dalton

(C) Robert Boley

(D) Joseph Presley

Answer- (D) Joseph Presley

7. Jnanpith Award is given in which field?

(A) History

(B) Drama

(C) Dance

(D) Literature

Answer- (D) Literature

8. Where is the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund located?

(A) Geneva

(B) New York

(C) London

(D) Washington

Answer- (D) Washington

9. When is the World Population Day celebrated?

(A) 11 July

(B) 11 September

(C) 11 December

(D) 11 June

Answer- (A) July 11

10. What is the currency of Switzerland?

(A) Frank

(B) Euro

(C) Dollar

(D) Rupee

Answer- (A) Frank

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