Khushboo Sundar on Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

Actor Khushboo Sundar has reacted to Hollywood actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock after he joked about his wife on the stage of the Oscars. The Oscar winner, though, apologised to Chris for his conduct. Khushboo shared her thoughts, “I’m glad Will Smith stood up for his wife, and even my husband Sundar would have reacted the same.”

On Sunday evening, Will Smith walked onto the stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and slapped comedian Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife’s shaved head. Notably, Jada Pinkett Smith has been suffering from alopecia. She was also seen publicly discussing her hair loss due to her medical condition.

Smith returned to his seat after hitting Rock, who was presenting the award ceremony and yelled profanity, which was censored from the US broadcast of the ceremony.

Khusboo responded to the incident by saying, “I am opposed to all forms of violence. However, in this case, a medical issue was approached insensitively in the name of comedy. It’s one thing to discuss such topics in a closed room, but it’s quite another to do so in public. But you’re on a global stage, and you can’t use someone else’s health issue to shame them in the name of a joke.”

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She also appreciated Will Smith for standing up and stated, “Will Smith was a fierce and protective husband and family member, and I was pleased with his reaction. My husband would have had the same reaction.”

Furthermore, the actor stated, “There was a standing ovation for Will Smith when he apologised for his actions and walked out. That demonstrates that what he did was correct. And everyone agreed with him.”

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