Love and Thunder Might Be Ready Day Before Premiere

Taika Waititi may have been joking when he said it, but Thor: Love and Thunder is not finished yet with only four months until premiere.


It is no secret that Marvel movies and TV shows can sometimes thread the wire when it comes to being completed on time. Loki’s final episode was not completed until halfway through the season, and Spider-Man: No Way Home appeared to have VFX updates after the movie was already playing in theaters. For that reason, it is hard to tell if Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi is joking or not when he told Variety that the July release is not yet complete and may not be until the day before the premiere.

Thor is the first MCU character to get his fourth solo outing, and it is one of the big Marvel releases coming out this year with established characters. While 2021 seemed to be about closing down the past with Black Widow and introducing the future in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Eternals, 2022 is all about catching up with the well-established characters that have come to form the backbone of the franchise. Kicking off with Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was released at the end of December but continued to play in cinemas well into this year, next up is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and then Thor: Love and Thunder will play in July before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever rounds off the year.


Of all of the sequels coming this year, Doctor Strange may be the one that is taking on the multiverse, but Thor promises to be the craziest movie of the year, with the return of Natalie Portman to the franchise as Jane Foster, who will take on the role of The Mighty Thor, Christian Bale as Gorr The God Butcher and of course Chris Hemsworth back wielding Stormbreaker as Thor. Waititi was pressed for information on the movie by Variety, but said he really didn’t have anything new to give but had something to say about when the movie will be finished.

“There’s nothing left, I’ve said everything for the last two years. It’s still not finished. It comes out in July so it’ll be done end of June. Or like a day before the premiere. That’s how we do it.”

Thor: Love and Thunder Will Be in the Same Vein as Thor: Ragnarok


Thor didn’t get off to the best start in the MCU. While his first movie was reasonably well-received, Thor: The Dark World has been constantly listed as one of the worst movies in the MCU, but Waititi’s direction on Thor: Ragnarok redeemed the God of Thunder in ways that no one expected. Now it looks like he is all set to continue the trend with the latest installment of Thor’s story. Previously, Waititi said himself that Thor: Love and Thunder is the craziest film he has been a part of.

“Well, just between [me and] you and the readers, I’ve done some crazy sh*t in my life. I’ve lived, like, ten lifetimes. But it’s the craziest film I’ve ever done,” Waititi said. “If you wrote down all the elements of this film, it shouldn’t make sense. It’s almost like it shouldn’t be made. If you walked into a room and said, ‘I want this and this and this.’ Who’s in it? These people. What are you going to call it? Love And Thunder. I mean, you’d never work again. Maybe I won’t after this.”

Of course, that isn’t likely, as his last Thor movie was a runaway success and fans are eagerly awaiting his new movie that also sees the return of the Guardians of the Galaxy ahead of their own adventure next year. Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on July 8th.

Chris Hemsworth Shares the Secret Behind His Massive Arms in Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth Shares the Secret Behind His Massive Arms in Thor: Love and Thunder

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