No Way Home Named by Survey as Frontrunner for Fan Favorite Oscar

Following earlier reports of Cinderella leading the way, Spider-Man: No Way Home emerged in a new survey as the most popular candidate.

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Peter Parker may get his time to shine at the Academy Awards after all. Last month, it was announced that a special “Fan Favorite” award would be honored to a movie that garnered the most votes from fans on Twitter. According to a new survey conducted by Morning Consult, the hit film Spider-Man: No Way Home has emerged as a leader in the race, and this could mean that the movie will end up getting named as the Fan Favorite film at the Oscars after fans say it was snubbed for Best Picture.

Initially, Zack Snyder’s Justice League had picked up a lot of steam on Twitter as a popular pick, but that died down when fans learned that the movie was ineligible as a director’s cut of a film released many years prior. Snyder fans then started a movement to get Netflix’s Army of the Dead the award. The title did pick up a lot of attention as a part of this campaign, but not enough to match the rise of Spider-Man: No Way Home.


It had also been reported that Prime Video’s Cinderella had come out ahead as the frontrunner at one point during the race. Johnny Depp’s Minamata is another film that’s getting a lot of fan support as Depp’s fans feel he deserves the recognition at the prestigious awards show. All of these films were named in an official Tweet by the Academy as the top ten movies in the race, though it wasn’t specified what the rankings were at the time. Other films named were Dune, Malignant, The Power of the Dog, Sing 2, The Suicide Squad, and Tick, Tick… Boom!.

Per the new report, Spider-Man: No Way Home is far ahead with 26% of U.S. adults surveyed naming the movie as their favorite title of 2021. This was followed by the animated feature Encanto with the rest of the top five, in order, including Dune, Don’t Look Up, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. What’s interesting is that Cinderella, Army of the Dead, and Minamata didn’t make this list. This survey also does not factor in every tweet online in support of each film, so it’s still hard to say which of them will ultimately win the most votes.

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Fans Say Spider-Man: No Way Home Was Snubbed at the Oscars

Spider-Man crouching in his Iron Spider suit with the four extra arms out.
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Spider-Man: No Way Home was nominated for one Oscar, as it’s up for Best Visual Effects. Many fans felt that it should have also been nominated for Best Picture, given the universal acclaim from critics and filmgoers alike, not to mention its immense financial success. That the film wasn’t nominated has drawn a lot of criticism and may have led to this new initiative for a Fan Favorite award.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is still playing in theaters where it continues to rack up big profits, serving as one of the most profitable movies of all time. Even without a Best Picture nomination, the film is undoubtedly an incredible success.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Is 'Spider-Man: Endgame' According to Director Jon Watts
Spider-Man: No Way Home Is ‘Spider-Man: Endgame’ According to Director Jon Watts

Jon Watts has said Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to be a big movie, essentially calling it the Avengers: Endgame of Spider-Man films.

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