Official Xbox Developer_Direct: New Coming January 25th

For some time now there have been rumors of a possible event that Microsoft may have plans to update its players regarding the status of games that during the 2023 will be released on its consoles and on Game Pass. The previous rumors suggested that this event could have taken place during the month of December, but this was not the case and now the colleagues of Windows Central seem to be convinced that the long-awaited appointment will take place this month, more precisely next January 25th.

The showcase will reportedly be called Xbox Developer_Direct and it could be the first event of a new format that has the precise purpose of bringing regular updates regarding the games in development at Xbox Game Studios. Microsoft, in fact, has proved to be very lacking in terms of communication, entrusting announcements and presentations only to the main events in the sector, without however taking care of its own regular appointment. He has already tried to set up such initiatives in the past, but they have gradually been lost over time.

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06 Dec

The January event should be the occasion for take a closer look at some major titles from 2023. Not only Starfield – which indeed could be completely absent – but mainly the new Forza Motorsport, Redfall and Minecraft Legends could be among the protagonists of the appointment. The date indicated – that of January 25 – is not carved in stone, confirms Windows Central, but could vary. However, the newspaper declares itself practically certain of the existence of an imminent event.

The Developer_Direct shouldn’t be announced and run as a high-level event, but could follow the style of Nintendo Direct and smaller PlayStation Showcases; therefore it is not a large-scale appointment, but something designed to speak to fans waiting for more news. At this point we just have to wait for further confirmation from Microsoft.


The rumors reported yesterday were quickly confirmed, given that today Microsoft has officially announced the event Developer_Directwhich will be held in its own live stream next January 25 at 21:00. The indications regarding the content of the appointment have also been corrected, since it has been confirmed that the games featured in the event will be Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, Redfall and The Elder Scrolls Onlinethe latter not mentioned by the Windows Central source.

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Particularly interesting will be the sessions dedicated to Redfall and Forza Motorsportsince for both games they were gameplay trailers and more details announced. With TESO, information on new content arriving during the year will be explored, while for Minecraft Legends the focus will be mainly on the PVP component.

The absence of Starfield from this first appointment of the year is also confirmed, which at this point could be the protagonist of another Developer_Direct later in 2023.

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