Shawn Levy Wants to Make a Marvel Movie If Right Opportunity Arrives

Shawn Levy has had quite a run in the last couple of years. Along with a massive success with Netflix’s Stranger Things, he also got praise for his directorial venture Free Guy. The director is currently working on another Netflix movie, The Adam Project, a time-traveling sci-fi drama starring Reynolds along with Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner. Meanwhile, he’s also all geared up for the two-part final season of Stranger Things. Now, seems like Levy is eyeing a big-budget Marvel movie as part of his next step forward in his career.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Shawn Levy expressed his love and interest in big franchises like Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. Levy stated how he would be up for an opportunity to direct a film for either of the universes, given that the story has elements that he loves to explore in cinema. He said:


I certainly find both the Star Wars and Marvel universes compelling. It would have to be the right moment, the right story, but those would definitely be tantalizing opportunities.

Talking about his love for laughter films and his approach to seeking change with every film he makes, Levy added:

I have to say I really want to keep making movies that refuse to be only one thing, that are a hybrid of heart and laughter and spectacle because those are my favorite kinds of movies. They don’t get made that often anymore, and I feel really lucky that I’ve been able to make two in a row that are also original. And I don’t ever take that for granted either.

Can Shawn Levy Receive a Marvel Offer?

Director Shawn Levy on the set of Real Steel

Shawn Levy has made several films for 20th Century Fox, including comedies Night at the Museum Trilogy and The Internship. He then directed Free Guy for the studio, which is now a division of The Walt Disney Co, which also turned out to be a success. If a Marvel project lands in his court, it wouldn’t be a surprise given his recent proven success with Free Guy.

Besides, Shawn Levy hit with Stranger Things puts him in a righteous position to take over a Marvel project. For now, Marvel Studios has a long list of films slated to release and has already picked up directors for them. Only confirmed entries whose details are still in the dark are Blade, Deadpool 3, and the speculated Werewolf By Night. Marvel always has been high on humor, and Levy certainly has a knack for that, especially in the PG-13 environment of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover, his experience with Ryan Reynolds can also put him in the run for the third Deadpool movie, which for now, Marvel has maintained, will be R-rated. Besides, there are several Disney+ projects lined up, many of whom are still in the first phases of pre-production and development.

But before Levy joins the House of Mouse, he still has a lot of work to do for Netflix, especially with The Adam Project, which ironically stars four Marvel project veterans. Reynolds himself referenced the Marvel roots of the film’s cast members in a lovely Instagram post when the movie first wrapped.

The Adam Project follows Adam (played by Reynolds), who accidentally time travels to 2022, and teams up with his younger self in a mission to save the future. Earlier, talking about the film, Levy, comparing the film to his two previous hit ventures, said:

It’s actually more similar to Real Steel than it is to Free Guy. It’s a sci-fi premise for a very emotional character story. Once again, exploring themes of fathers and sons.

The Adam Project will be available to stream on Netflix on March 11, 2022.

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