The ability to register a single app can be seen in the Android 13 beta

Google updates its Android operating system very often: in addition to the major updates that arrive every year, the company constantly releases smaller updates that serve to fix bugs or problemsand which almost always do not bring real news for users.

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There second beta of Android 13 QPR (properly called QPR2) however, it allows us to take a look at a very welcome novelty, which will however come later: it is the possibility record a video of the content of a single applicationand not of the whole screen as always.

In fact, screen recording allows, as the name of the feature says, to capture everything that happens on the screen, including notifications, messages and “private” content. In the future, Android will allow select a single app and of exclusively record what happens within that appexcluding everything else.

As you can see from the video at the bottom of the article, after activating the function “Share or record an app” it will be possible to choose the app to register from a carousel very similar to the recent apps screen (or from a list containing all the apps installed on the device).

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Choosing the app, it will simply start recording.

Unfortunately, at the moment this feature is not yet active and cannot be used by users, not even by those who have installed the QPR2 beta version of Android 13: we will therefore have to wait for the release of a stable version of the softwarewhich unfortunately we do not know when it will happen.

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