200 MP cameras are the fashion of the year: soon even in the medium range

There was a time when the megapixel rush (here you will find the best smartphones for photographic rendering) it seemed a lot senseless as necessary, in marketing terms.

Useless to have 16MP sensors the fraction of a fingernail, it was said“. Now that Samsung first and Omnivision then launched their sensors from 200 MPit seems that nobody can more do without.

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The first a launch on the market a device with 200 MP camera was Motorola, with its Motorola Edge 30 Ultra (X30 Pro in China), followed by Xiaomi with its 12T Pro, but if your goal is to flaunt the coveted 200 megapixel camera, maybe you won’t need to spend money in the order of 800 euros.

In fact, something is moving from the parts of the mid-range, with the announcement of the new Dimensity 1080 SoC by Mediatek, which supports precisely sensors of this type, and the new 200 MP Samsung ISOCELL HPX sensor.

But the smartphone? There won’t be long to wait.

Xiaomi has in fact posted on the popular messaging app Weibo a post in which he declares that the next Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus will in fact be equipped with a 200 megapixel main cameracoincidentally the sensor Samsung ISOCELL HPX mentioned above.

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Obviously we cannot expect in a phone from 300 euros the same quality that we find in one from 800and in fact the new sensor has a size of 1 / 1.4 “with pixels of 0.56 microns (against the 0.64 microns of the ISOCELL HP1 used in Motorola Edge 30 Ultra).

In conditions of poor lightingthis sensor is still capable of performing the pixel binningwhich combines the oa pixels groups of four (equivalent to 1.12 microns), to create an image from 50 MPoa groups of 16 (the equivalent of 2.24 micron pixels), churning out images from 12.5 MP.

Record shots then? Hard. Even the top smartphone with the vaunted sensors from 200 MP they are not particularly excellent from this point of view, with results ranging from average for the membership bracket to pictures under the expectations.

Nonetheless, this is what the market, and we won’t have to wait a long time to test our assumptions. Tomorrow, October 27Xiaomi will announce the aforementioned in China Redmi Note 12 Pro Plusalong with a variant with “normal” camera from 50 MP, Redmi Note 12 Pro.

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