3 Tips for a Successful Implementation

If you’ve ever renovated your home, you know it can be a difficult process. Eating dinner in your garage for six months isn’t exactly a picnic, but the end result—a beautiful new kitchen where you’ll create meals and memories for years to come—makes the journey worthwhile.

Implementing a new software solution at your financial institution can be a difficult process, too. While there probably isn’t a five-star meal at the end of your journey, there is the promise of faster processes, enhanced operational efficiencies and stronger relationships with customers.

The implementation of technology sets the tone for an organization’s digital transformation, so it’s important to have great tools to use along the way. You can’t renovate with a can opener in the same way that you can’t implement a new software with outdated or irrelevant processes. nCino is a partner who has the right tools to help you achieve your goals, along with the long-term vision and experience your institution needs to succeed.

At nCino, we can’t help you with your kitchen, but we know a thing or two about software. Below are three tips to help ensure a successful implementation journey.

  1. Prepare Your People

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In order to have a successful software implementation, it’s important to assess the current state of your institution, including your people, processes, technology and data. This will help guide your journey and zero in on your end goal. The best way to prepare your people is to form your project team early. The team should consist of employees who know project management and have both legacy system and salesforce competencies. In addition, focus on identifying future nCino administrators, so they can be involved from the get-go and prepared for continued success post go-live.

  1. Stay Focused

Throughout the implementation, stick to the timeline, establish repeatable processes and ensure knowledge transfer is occurring throughout the journey, not just at the finish line. At the end of the day, taking full advantage of nCino boils down to continuous improvement. Focus on sticking to the timeline and making refinements as you go, and your institution will maximize efficiency.

  1. Support Change Adoption

In general, change is not easy and often, people are resistant to change. To increase adoption of a new technology platform, leadership teams need to be supportive and patient throughout the implementation process. In addition, institutions should identify and empower subject matter experts, so they can transform from SMEs into future champions.

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A single software implementation sets the stage for a greater transformation, and a partner who has the tools and vision to help you achieve it is key to ensuring it goes smoothly. Your successful implementation will go a long way in ensuring your institution is on the path to true digital transformation.

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