Each year, Apple introduces new versions of its popular smartwatch and this year was no exception. The new Apple Watch Series 9 is now available and it’s chock full of new features. There’s a lot to love about this latest lineup of smartwatches, so we compiled this list of the nine things we love most about it -– all of which are good reasons you should upgrade. If you’ve been thinking about investing in an Apple Watch, pricing starts at $399.

Here are some of the popular Apple Watch Series 9 configurations (and their starting prices):

  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Aluminum, 41mm, GPS only, rubber or textile band) – $390 on Amazon
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Aluminum, 41mm, GPS + Cellular, rubber or textile band) – $490 on Amazon
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Aluminum, 45mm, GPS only, rubber or textile band) – $420 on Amazon
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Aluminum, 45mm, GPS + Cellular, rubber or textile band) – $519 on Amazon
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Stainless Steel, 41mm, GPS + Cellular, rubber or textile band) – $679 on Amazon
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Stainless Steel, 45mm, GPS + Cellular, rubber or textile band) – $729 on Amazon

How to choose an Apple Watch

Even if you’ve never worn a smartwatch before, now is the ideal time to strap one around your wrist and reap the benefits of using an Apple Watch in conjunction with your iPhone. Remember, when shopping for an Apple Watch Series 9, these are five key decisions you will need to make:

  1. Choose between an aluminum or stainless steel casing.
  2. Select your favorite casing color.
  3. Pick your preferred casing size (41mm or 45mm).
  4. Choose between the GPS only or GPS + Cellular version of the watch. Note that connecting the cellular version will require you to pay a monthly fee to your carrier.
  5. Select the watch band that matches your personality and style.

The 9 Apple Watch Series 9 features we love the most 

Here are our nine top reasons why we love the new Apple Watch Series 9 (and why we believe you will too). Keep in mind, we had a tough time keeping this list down to just nine features and functions. 



1. The expanded Apple Watch band selection lets you show off your personal style

Whether you choose the 41mm or 45mm Apple Watch casing size, Apple offers several watch band styles. Each band style is available in a variety of stunning colors. Choosing a watch band that matches your unique style and personality is just one way the smartwatch can be customized. One watch band comes with the watch when you purchase it, but all are also sold separately. Changing the band on an Apple Watch takes less than one minute.

The Sport Loop ($49) offers a soft, lightweight nylon weave and an adjustable hook-and-loop fastener. Like the watch itself, it’s waterproof and stylish. The band is also available in 13 color options. The Sport Band ($49) is also waterproof and made from a rubber-like substance (fluoroelastomer) that’s durable and comfortable to wear. It’s available in 10 color options. There’s also the Braided Solo Loop ($99) that’s offered in seven color options. This band style offers a stretchable design that’s made from 16,000 polyester yarn filaments around ultrathin silicone threads to create a soft and textured feel.

You can also choose between six color options of the Solo Loop ($49). It’s manufactured from soft silicone rubber that offers a stretchable design with no clasps or buckle. For a more sophisticated look, check out the premium stainless steel watch bands from Apple, like the Milanese Loop for $99 on Amazon (available in gold, black or silver). These come in a variety of colors and styles and range in price from $99 to $449. There are also specialty Nike branded watch bands and special edition bands to choose from. But for the ultimate in style, there are 15 Apple Watch Hermes designer watch bands available. These are priced between $349 and $449 (just for the band).



Whichever watch band you choose, the goal is to personalize the watch in a way that showcases your own style. You can also choose from hundreds of watch faces or easily design your own, so the appearance of the display looks exactly how you like it and it showcases only the information you deem important. 

2. WatchOS 10: The brains behind the watch

Any smartwatch can have a ton of cutting-edge technology packed into it, but if the watch’s operating system can not fully utilize these features in a way that’s intuitive for the user, the whole thing is pointless. Over the years, Apple has done a nice job helping the WatchOS operating system evolve into a platform that’s easy to use, fast and highly functional. The just released Apple WatchOS 10 comes preinstalled on all of the new Apple Watch Series 9 watches. 

This latest version of the operating system adds new functionality to the watch, as well as new ways to interact with it. Many popular apps that come preinstalled on the watch have been redesigned to look more attractive and perform more efficiently. For example, the watch’s side button now gives you quick access to the Control Center. Plus, there are some adorable new watch faces, including several that feature Snoopy and Woodstock. 

3. The new Apple S9 SiP processor improves performance and battery life

In conjunction with the upgraded operating system and enhanced preinstalled apps, the Apple Watch Series 9 is now powered by Apple’s new S9 SiP processor. Not only does this make the watch perform faster and more efficiently, it also helps to extend the watch’s battery life. In fact, battery life is now up to 18 hours of normal use, or 36 hours in Low Power Mode. And a fast charging feature is provided. In addition, this new processor provides enhanced access to Siri and allows users to take advantage of the new double tap gesture as a way to interact with the watch. 

Using Gestures, you can now interact with the watch using a new series of specialized taps. For example, you can answer a call by tapping on the watch’s display using your index finger and thumb. You’ll also discover Siri responds faster and with 25% greater accuracy. When it comes to Siri, numerous functions are now handled onboard, so the digital assistant does not always require Internet access to function.

4. Make and receive calls with ease

As a communications tool that’s worn on your wrist, Apple Watch Series 9 will keep you connected with your friends, family and coworkers through voice calls and text messaging. And if you choose the GPS + Cellular version of the watch, your iPhone does not need to be nearby to make and receive calls or to send and receive text messages. Whether you dictate text messages, respond with a pre-written message, or use the improved on-screen virtual keyboard to compose a message from scratch, all communications with the watch are more efficient than ever.

5. Enhanced Apple Fitness+ integration: Staying fit is easier than ever

Apple offers the Fitness+ service that’s fully supported by Apple Watch. Whatever your workout preferences, when you sign up for this service, you get access to virtual training sessions, better activity tracking and virtual coaching for 12 workout types, including yoga and meditation. Whether you walk, run outside or on a treadmill, dance, do pilates, cycle, row, or kickbox, for example, Apple Fitness+ has you covered with more than 4,000 guided workouts that last between five minutes and 45 minutes. With Apple Fitness+, you can set your own personalized health and fitness goals and then take advantage of Apple Watch’s sensors and tracking capabilities to provide in-depth analysis of your activities and progress. 

When you purchase any Apple Watch Series 9, you get a free three-month subscription to Apple Fitness+. It’s then priced at $10 per month or $80 when you pre-pay for a year. And best of all, most of the Apple Fitness+ features can be accessed and utilized with from an Apple Watch while you’re engaged in your workouts or fitness activities. 

#6 – You can access Apple’s other services directly from the watch



Especially if you invest in the Apple Watch Series 9 GPS + Cellular version, you can stream music via the watch using Apple Music and listen to your favorite podcasts via Apple Podcasts — either using the watch’s internal speakers or by pairing the watch with wireless Bluetooth earbuds, like the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen). These earbuds are the ideal companion to the watch. (You can now choose between a Lightning charging port and a USB-C charging port.)

In fact, most of the services offered by Apple One (including Apple Music, News+ and Fitness+) can be used in conjunction with an Apple Watch.

7. You can see the always-on Retina display in bright sunlight

The latest Apple Watches continue to feature an always-on display, but the Series 9 watches utilize a sharper Retina LTPO OLED display that showcases more vibrant colors and detail. It now has a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits. This makes it easier to see in brightly lit rooms or outdoors in direct sunlight, for example.

8. Apple Watch Series 9 is waterproof: You can wear the watch anywhere

Not only is the Apple Watch Series 9 designed to be attractive and look great on your wrist, it’s also more durable than ever. Plus, it’s waterproof. Wear the watch in the shower, while swimming, or even while snorkeling or scuba diving (down to a depth of 50 meters). You can even wear it while you sleep and take advantage of the watch’s advanced sleep tracker.

9. It’s does so much more than tell time

Apple Watch Series 9 has become a powerful communications, productivity, health/fitness, safety and entertainment device that’s worn on your wrist. While the WatchOS 10 operating system comes with a nice selection of preinstalled apps, the Apple Watch App Store offers thousands of optional apps you can install onto your watch to further expand and personalize its capabilities. 

Plus, Apple Watch works within Apple’s ecosystem, so it can handle things like unlocking your MacBook, approving electronic purchases (via Apple Pay), control smart devices in your home using voice commands and keep you up to date on important events happening in your life. Apple Watch has become so versatile, it can be customized to assist you in all aspects of your life –- while keeping you safer and well connected with the people who are most important to you. 

If you’re thinking you need to be a technological mastermind to use an Apple Watch, think again. You can easily pick and choose which features and functions you want to use and turn off or ignore the rest. Apple Watch’s operation is straightforward. It uses a simple user interface that will look very familiar to iPhone users. 

We suggest choosing the GPS + Cellular version



While you can purchase the GPS only version of the Apple Watch Series 9 with a 41mm or 45mm casing size, in aluminum or stainless steel and in your choice of colors, we highly recommend going with the GPS + Cellular version of the watch. 

Yes, going this route costs slightly more money and there will be about a $10 per month increase to your cellphone bill, but when your Apple Watch Series 9 is able to communicate directly with the Internet and your cellular service provider, it can work much more autonomously from your iPhone. This means you can leave your phone behind and still be able to make and receive call, or send and receive text messages directly from the watch. You’ll also be able to stream music or podcasts, use the Maps app for navigation, take advantage of Apple Pay to make in store purchases, access Siri and so much more.

For many people, the best reason to select the GPS + Cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 9 is for the peace of mind that all of its safety features offer. For example, you get fall detection, automobile crash detection and an SOS emergency button. it can automatically call 9-1-1 and alert up to five emergency contacts if you need help. Anywhere you are, even when your smartphone is not available — like if you’re out walking your dog and slip on ice in the winter, you accidentally fall in the shower, or you get into a car accident — if you’re wearing the watch, help can easily be summoned. The watch can even share your exact location if you’re not able to do so. Plus, if you ever get lost, you simply need to say, “Hey Siri, how do I get home from here?” and you’ll get real-time, step-by-step walking or driving directions.

  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Aluminum, 41mm, GPS + Cellular, rubber or textile band) – $490 on Amazon
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Aluminum, 45mm, GPS + Cellular, rubber or textile band) – $519 on Amazon
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Stainless Steel, 41mm, GPS + Cellular, rubber or textile band) – $679 on Amazon
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (Stainless Steel, 45mm, GPS + Cellular, rubber or textile band) – $729 on Amazon

Get a great deal on an Apple Watch Series 8 right now

If you don’t need the latest Apple smartwatch, but still want to enjoy the added features offered by the WatchOS 10 operating system update, we suggest snagging an Apple Watch Series 8. Now that the Series 9 watches are readily available, there are some great deals to be found on last year’s model. Check out our roundup of Apple Watch Series 8 deals that are now available.

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