A man who has an arrest warrant for alleged crimes related to the 1/6 attack has been arrested near the Washington, DC, home of former President and First Lady Obama.

ABC News reported, “A man with a Jan. 6-related warrant was arrested near former President Barack Obama’s Washington, D.C., house, and he had guns and ammunition in his car, multiple law enforcement sources tell ABC News.”

After the break-in at former Speaker Pelosi’s home, where a right-wing extremist beat her husband with a hammer, every situation like this should be treated with complete seriousness. A man near the Obama home with guns and ammo likely was not a coincidence.

NBC News reported more details, “Taylor Taranto, 37, who was identified by online sleuths in August 2021 and is facing a lawsuit from the widow of a Metropolitan Police Department officer who died by suicide, recently showed up at the sentencing of David Walls-Kaufman, his co-defendant in the lawsuit. The lawsuit accuses both men of being involved in an assault on MPD Officer Jeffrey Smith on Jan. 6, which they have both denied…In recent weeks, Taranto has been living in a van near the D.C. jailhouse, according to his social media, and has repeatedly wondered in online posts why he had not yet been arrested over Jan. 6. Taranto also posted a video of himself on YouTube inside the Capitol during the riot.”

There is no evidence that Taranto was targeting the Obamas, but he was an armed and dangerous individual who since he was still posting on social media, was not interested in staying hidden.

These potential threats posed by right-wing extremists are likely to continue to grow, especially if Republicans nominate Donald Trump for president in 2024.

America has to be on alert because some of the people behind 1/6 are determined to make sure that the attack was not a one-time event.


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