Advocacy Group Campaigns for FTX Creditors to Speak Up, Recover Funds By CoinEdition

Advocacy Group Campaigns for FTX Creditors to Speak Up, Recover Funds
  • DCTA launched a campaign for FTX creditors to assist in the bankruptcy process.
  • The advocacy group claimed the bankruptcy proceedings have been opaque.
  • Media outlets have expressed the need to access some of the secret FTX filings.

The advocacy group Digital Currency Traders Alliance (DCTA) is launching a new campaign for FTX creditors to help them participate in the ongoing bankruptcy process, which is believed to have been opaque.

“FTX Creditors have been left out in the cold and out of the ongoing bankruptcy process,” the advocacy group argued in a recent statement, encouraging affected persons to “speak up today and help ensure that” their funds are fought for and are eventually recovered.

Furthermore, DCTA provided a tool for FTX creditors to contact the US Department of Justice’s victim/witness coordinator, the Special Trustee’s Representative Juliet Sarkessian, and Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta to share their concerns about the bankruptcy case.

In an April filing, major media outlets, including Bloomberg, The Financial Times, and The New York Times, jointly objected to the redaction of customer names in the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. While FTX’s debtors have been able to argue for the names of creditors to be redacted, the media outlets believe that customers’ identities should not be shielded from public view.

Previously, the Ad Hoc Committee of non-US FTX customers said that publicly revealing the names of non-US clients could leave them vulnerable to identity theft, targeted attacks, and other forms of harm.

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However, the media outlets contended that the press and the public have the right to such information. They also argued that if customer names were routinely sealed in every bankruptcy proceeding, it would set a dangerous precedent for transparency and accountability.

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