Adya Advani, national-level Squash Player selected for World’s #1 Program in Global Management

#ItsPossible: How many national-level sportspersons do you know who also go on to join one of the world’s most renowned B-schools? If you don’t know many, you are about to meet one now. Adya Advani is a national-level Squash player who has been a common name in the sports circles in Delhi. She used sports to bring out her youthful energy and channel it towards scaling another high by being selected to join World’s #1 Program in Global Management. Adya has been selected to join the Thunderbird School of Global Management which is located in Arizona, United States. From her humble beginnings in Delhi to one of the world’s most renowned B-schools, Adya shares her inspirational journey with us. 

The Journey

Adya is a national-level Squash player. She has represented India at several international games and won accolades for the country in places like Malaysia, China, and Jordan. Adya has also been a 4-time Junior National Champion and a 5-time Junior National Runner-up in Squash. Along with her national-level sports career, she also completed her undergraduate education at Ashoka University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Adya is an exceptional athlete! She has represented India around the world as an incredible Squash player and made us all proud with her victories.

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The conventional wisdom dictates that if you are good at sport, in all likelihood, you would not be very good at studies. While there have been some exceptions to this norm; you don’t cross many youngsters who are equally good at Sports as they are at their studies. Here’s where Adya Advani sets herself apart. Breaking away from the societal shackles and expectations, Adya decided to use her sports background to her advantage and further her academic ambitions. 

The Achievement

Backed by her discipline and a continuous strive for perfection, Adya managed to get selected for the World’s #1 Program in Global Management offered by Thunderbird School of Global Management. She was helped along the way by Dexterity Global, a national organization powering the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and training. Adya received rigorous training under Dexterity Global’s leadership development and career development programs as well as assistance with the college and scholarship application process. 

Being selected to Thunderbird School of Global Management is a feat in itself, but Adya has also been awarded the prestigious Thunderbird Alumni Scholarship which will cover a major portion of her tuition fee. At Thunderbird, Adya will pursue the Master of Global Management program with a concentration in Global Business. She will join a globally respected and notable alumni of the school, which include renowned business leaders, management leaders, diplomats, writers, artists, and sports stars.

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The Way Ahead

Most youngsters would be more than happy and content with their world-class education and would surely want to use it to build an illustrious career for themselves. But for Adya, her education is just another means and a way to something bigger and much grander. Adya is passionate about using her world-class education at Thunderbird School to drive innovation at impact organizations. She hopes to use her training and exposure as a Squash player combined with her education in Psychology (at the undergraduate level) and Global Management (at the graduate level) to lead organizations that care about the world and solve the most pressing problems of the 21st century. When asked about her plans, Adya says “When I represented India at global sporting events, I always aimed to make my country proud of me, and I wish to do the same with my education at Thunderbird!”

Adya embodies the #ItsPossible spirit of GenX because…backed by discipline and hard work she has emerged as a role model for young girls across the country. Equipped with her world-class education, Adya aims to solve the challenging problems that our country and the world face today.

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