Aide to Mark Meadows Just Implicated ‘Members of Congress’ in Fake Electors Conspiracy

We can be sure that several members of Congress just had their blood pressure rise above 200. We do not yet know the identity of the representatives, but it is very safe to say that the Committee certainly does know who now has real reason to fear the proceedings from this point onward. Those names will come forth when the Committee believes it will maximize the power of the revelation.

Cassidy Hutchinson was an aide to Mark Meadows, Trump’s last chief of staff, and a man associated with nearly every single crime that could arise out of the post-election attempt to steal the election. Hutchinson testified today as to what she observed as the plan to nominate fake electors came together. Hutchinson recalled that it was around the time of Thanksgiving and early December that Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, Sen. Ron Johnson (Already covered by this site) participated in the endeavor along with “several members of congress,” though Hutchinson could not distinguish which members of Congress were present.

Despite the fact that Hutchinson could not name the representatives by her own personal knowledge, the Committee had and has a myriad of other ways to prove the identity of who participated in the scheme (which will likely come to be called a conspiracy). One could responsibly speculate that whichever members of Congress participated in the plan would be among the same representatives that sought pardons after January 6th.

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We all have our suspicions as to which representatives participated in the scheme. But there is no need to speculate. The Committee will confirm the identities with certainty soon enough.

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