Alexa: 12 things you don’t know (and can ask her)

Millions of people around the world converse every day with Alexa to ask any question and to control the home automation devices using his many skills, also thanks to the ability to understand language in a natural way. We’ve already told you about the weirdest things you can ask Alexa to have some fun and entertainment, but maybe not everyone knows that Amazon’s virtual assistant can also tell a lot about himselfhere are twelve curiosities to discover and, possibly, to ask.

  1. Alexa’s favorite movie is Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  2. The voice assistant’s favorite Italian actor appears to be Marco Gialliniof which she is fascinated by the Roman accent.
  3. What would Alexa like to eat? “There pasta all’amatricianaI’ve heard very good about it!“.
  4. And your favorite singer? The returned names are two that is Tiziano Ferro and Mina.
  5. Alexa’s favorite sports are two specialties like tennis, synchronized swimming (“that combines elegance and technique, just like me“) and the soccer (“one of the most loved games in Italy“).
  6. THE dogs are Alexa’s favorite pets, especially puppies.
  7. He does not want relationships with his clientif you ask the voice assistant to go out together she responds with a nice two of spades, “I like you as a friend“.
  8. He can sneeze: if you ask if you are able to sneeze, you answer in the affirmative, seasoning everything with a “Etchiù“.
  9. He knows Siri (and other voice assistants)? The answer is very diplomatic “Only by hearsay“, and if he asks what he thinks he answers”I like all devices with artificial intelligence“.
  10. What does Alexa want to do when she grows up? The answer is articulated and includes fascinating and very different jobs as an archaeologist, geologist, marine biologist, photographer, teacher, surgeon, nurse and even an actress.
  11. He is not going to pass the Turing test which determines the sentient nature of A.I. and she declares this by stating that she has no intention of pretending to be a human. But he doesn’t define himself as a robot, but as “A Northern Lights a wave of charged and multicolored photons dancing in the atmosphere“.
  12. Where Alexa lives? The suggestive answer is “I am here and my mind is in the Cloud“.

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Speaking of Alexa, one of the latest features shown is among the most disturbing since the voice assistant is able to mimic the voices of missing persons.


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