Amazon Prime Day 2022, how returns of purchased products work

The discount marathon ofAmazon Prime Day is upon us: the most savvy consumers are waiting for the two dates of 12 and 13 July ready to click on the best offers (which Wired will diligently collect on a special page), but there are also those who will approach this year for the first aimed at the initiative of the e-commerce giant. Among the most pressing questions of the not initiated to which it is worth answering there is one that stands out above the others: how returns work of the purchases made during these days of strong discounts? Is it possible to return items easily if they do not live up to expectations once they arrive home? The short answer is yes.

Returns for items purchased on Prime Day

Indeed Amazon’s return policies they are not changed during the days of Prime Day. The initiative is a simple collection of discounts and promotions with a limited duration, but the fact that the items are on sale does not imply that consumers should give up any rights on the purchases they choose to make. This applies more generally to the legal guarantee linked to the shopping experience on the portal, and in particular for returns. For those who have never shopped on Amazon and have decided to sign up for Amazon Prime in these hours just to take advantage of the discounts, however, it is worth understanding how returns on Amazon work more generally.

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Thirty and fourteen day thresholds

Products purchased directly from Amazon can be returned by receiving in exchange the full amount spent for the purchase of the goods, but there is a difference dictated by the return times. The first threshold is that of the withdrawal from the sales contract within 14 days from the date of purchase, which also includes the shipping costs for delivering the product to Amazon; the second is that of simple rethinking, valid within i 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods and for which only the cost of the product is refunded.

For the items sold by third parties it works the same way, even if – we read in the Amazon page dedicated to returns – the shipping costs in these cases are usually entrusted to the customer unless the return is made pursuant to the legal guarantee. For particular cases it is however good to consult the guide on returns Amazon with all specific instructions on the matter.

The products excluded

These rules apply to almost all products, with some understandable exceptions:

  • Tailor-made or personalized items;
  • Sealed items that cannot be returned for hygienic reasons;
  • Alcoholic beverages, the actual value of which depends on market fluctuations;
  • Audiovisual products and software whose packages have been opened;
  • Newspapers, periodicals and magazines;
  • Digital content provided through a non-material medium once performance has commenced;
  • Gift Cards

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Amazon Warehouse Returns

Included in the return policies are products related to Amazon Warehouse, the portal initiative that puts items that have already been used or slightly damaged back into circulation but still functional. Also in this case the goods are sold at heavily reduced prices, but also in this case the e-commerce giant undertakes to reimburse the entire amount of the expense according to the same conditions valid for the other products. The amount obtained as a refund will be the same expense for the purchase, while unlike what happens with new items it will not be possible to request a replacement.

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