Apple unsigned iOS 15.7

During the last day, Apple wanted to close the week by unsigning an iOS version, exactly as happened on Monday with iOS 16.0.3 following the launch of iOS 16.1 to the general public. This time it was iOS 15.7’s turnwhich after the arrival of iOS and iPadOS 15.7.1 (with bug fixes and security patches) loses its signature becoming an obsolete operating system.

As a result of this move, iOS 15.7 can no longer be restored, as it will generate an error message and we will only be able to recover later versions, from iOS 15.7.1 onwards.

Restoring to previous versions of iOS is often done by those who jailbreak their devicesthe procedure that, taking advantage of the system flaws that are usually corrected by later versions of iOS, allows you to install alternative third-party software and packages to those of the App Store, therefore not signed and authorized by Apple.

The blocking of the signature is done precisely for ensure greater safetypreventing users from ending up daily in an environment with unsolved vulnerabilities as well as avoiding excessive fragmentation of active firmware.

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In the meantime, with the arrival of iOS 16.1 Apple has started the new round of beta related to iOS 16.2, but unlike the previous occasions, perhaps this time we also have a possible public release period, at least according to what was reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in its Power On newsletter appointment.

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