Archana Puran Singh on not going to the US tour with Kapil Sharma: I like to travel with my own money

The Kapil Sharma Show recently welcomed Guru Randhawa, Honey Singh and Divya Khosla Kumar as guests. While the three had a whale of a time with Kapil, the comedian also made sure (as usual) to pull Archana’s leg.

Kapil joked the team is going to the US without Archana Puran Singh. Reacting to it, Archana said, “Mein khud ke paise ki ticket le kar jaati hun. Mein producer ke kharche par ya sponsor ke kharche par mujhe jaane ki zarurat nahi hai.”

Kapil asked, “Toh yeh show mei khud ke paise laga ke baithi ho aap?” Archana replied that she earns from the show and then spends the money to travel. Kapil jokes they earn from everywhere possible.

Kapil wasn’t spared either. Guru Randhawa revealed that he learnt from the comedian about how to get payment for shows. He said, “Toh jaise yeh aate nahi hai show pe jab tak inke account paise reflect nahi hote, main bhi waise karta hun.”

Kapil asked in a serious tone if this is the kind of talk about him that’s doing the rounds. Guru and Archana had a great time laughing over it. Kapil and Guru also pulled Divya’s leg for only sleeping in penthouses and said that she might not know what it is to sleep on a terrace. Divya told them even penthouse have terraces.

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Guru said that Divya must have not slept under a mosquite net. She told him that she lives on the 21st floor and no mosquitoes are there. This led Kapil to joke that mosquitoes have the limitation of not flying above 16,000 feet.

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