This article hands out complete list of MCQs for Class 12 Accountancy. 15 important MCQ-type-questions have been listed down for each Chapter. Find attached  chapter-wise PDF download link for all chapters of Class 12 Accountancy textbooks(Part 1 & Part 2). Also, have a look at important resources for preparation of CBSE Board Examinations 2024.

Download MCQs for Class 12 Accountancy

Download MCQs for Class 12 Accountancy

MCQs for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy: Jagran Josh has brought to you a series of important MCQs for Class 12 Accountancy subject. These will assist you in your preparation for CBSE Board Examination 2024. You can find chapter-wise PDF download links for each chapter of Accountancy NCERT textbook. 15 questions for each chapter have been prepared for you, as per latest CBSE Syllabus 2024 and updated Sample Paper 2024.

CBSE has updated its curriculum and exam pattern for CBSE Board Examinations 2024. According to its update, MCQs will cover approximately 10 marks in the question paper, for each subject. This has been done in line with government’s efforts to inculcate in students, the habit of practically using theoretical concepts. It also pushes students to prepare well for Competitive Exams. Though MCQs are marks gainers, but they are often tricky and can lead to bad result. Hence, it is important to solve MCQs carefully. Some tips to correctly answer MCQ-type-questions are:

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  • Read the questions carefully. Questions containing words like ‘not’, ‘does not’ should be looked at carefully.
  • Observe all the available options.
  • Questions containing ‘All of the above’ option should be analysed, since most of the times ‘All of the above’ is the correct answer.
  • Delete all the extreme answers.
  • Choose the best suitable/closest option to the answer.
  • Manage your time carefully.
  • Be patient while solving MCQs. Don’t rush. It can make you miss out on important part of the question.
  • Carefully observe the question. Sometimes the answer is within the question.
  • Look for words that are similar between questions and answers.


CBSE Accountancy Deleted Syllabus 2023-2024

CBSE Accountancy Sample Paper 2023-2024

Chapter-wise MCQs for Class 12 Accountancy are present below as:


                                               Accountancy (Part-1)




MCQs for Class 12 subjects will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned for complete list of MCQs for Class 12 Core subjects. Next on the list is MCQs for Class 12 Business Studies. Keep visiting our website Jagran Josh, for more such exam related study materials and CBSE updates. You can also refer to links of some important resources for preparation of CBSE Board Examination 2024, which are attached below for your reference.

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