Because the video game release calendar is crazily managed

The video game industry keeps getting bigger and more important with each passing year. The titles coming out in twelve months are so many to lose count, including blockbusters with multimillion-dollar productions, the many and often original indie titles and various mobile games. 2022 has seen a decline in general sales of 4.3%, but it must be taken into account that this decrease is compared to the previous two years, when sales had skyrocketed due to the pandemic, so much so that in 2020 growth had been 25%. In any case, despite the various global problems that have generated this drop, including general price increases and lack of materials for electronic components, the industry is not in the least bit in crisis and, indeed, it is expected constant growth for the future.

Furthermore, 2023 will be an incredibly rich year of weight releases: just think of Zelda, Street Fighter or Final Fantasy XVI, just to name a few of the most important confirmed titles. On the other hand, again due to the pandemic, the postponements and slowdowns in the works have resulted in some rather poor years of important releases, releases that have begun to move over time until they all arrive together. This phenomenon was already partially seen in 2022, but in 2023 it seems to be even more evident, especially due to another problem that affects the videogame industry today and which continues to worsen year after year, namely the scheduling of releases .

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Overcrowding of exits

To make you understand the problem of infinite overcrowding, just give a practical example for this year: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be released on May 12, followed on June 2 by street fighter 6 and June 6 from Diablo IVwhile June 22 will see the arrival of Final Fantasy XVI. In all of this, the game dedicated to is also expected on May 26th Suicide Squad of DC, big title, but which is overshadowed by these giants. Practically, in just under a month and a half, we have the arrival of the most anticipated video games of the whole year. Obviously it would not be surprising at all if for some of these it was decided to postpone the release and move it to another time in 2023, so as to avoid cutthroat competition.


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