Ben Thompson interview with Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman

On the GPTs, this one starts with Ben:

if text and images are all a commodities, that value increasingly comes not from the item itself but from the brand surrounding it. I mean, does that seem like a reasonable way this might play out?

NF: I think it does increase the returns to things that you trust, and I think it increases the returns to thoughtfulness, insight, surprising ideas that are true.

Or just surprising ideas that are not necessarily true.

NF: Yeah, I mean, if the models cause us to downgrade the appearance of authoritativeness, then that might be an excellent thing for society. If our societal adaptation is, just because it sounds formal and authoritative, maybe we shouldn’t trust it, that would be probably great. We become altogether more truth seeking. It’s like you can no longer judge people based on whether they wear a suit because everyone can afford a suit, and so wearing a suit may not be the perfect signal of reliability. I think that’s sort of where we are too. Just because you wrote four paragraphs full of complete sentences, doesn’t mean necessarily that you have an original or really thoughtful idea here.

The model so far cannot produce these big out of distribution kind of insights that kind of cause you to rewrite your whole model of the world in your head. I’m not finding that. I do occasionally find myself using ChatGPT for brainstorming and it’s like, “Gosh, how should I solve this problem?” And it’ll come up with sort of five obvious ideas. The problem sometimes is that I haven’t tried two of them.

Here is the link, yes you must pay to subscribe but worth it (I only pay for three Substacks, this and Matt Y. and some NBA).  Covers many different issues, interesting throughout!

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