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CBSE Class 10 English Practice Paper 2023: The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the practice paper for Class 10 English (Language & Literature) along with the marking scheme. The Class 10 English Practice Paper is different than the CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2023. The board has released these “Additional Practice Questions” for students preparing for the CBSE Board Exam. These questions are very important for last minute revision and to boost confidence for the final exam. Download here all the questions and solve them to gauge your preparation level for the exam and secure good marks in the CBSE Board Exam 2023.

Practice Questions Session: 2022-23



Time allowed: 3 Hrs.

Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions:

1. 15-minute prior reading time allotted for Q-paper reading.

2. The Question Paper contains THREE sections-




3. Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.


I Read the passage given below.

1.History in general remains an endeavour to search for the truth about the past in a contemporary light. The search is done by examining the treasure trove of a documented past. This also holds true for the history of food. Cookbooks have always played an instrumental role in researching the history of any community. The roots of recording the history of food are nearly as old as the history of writing itself. In the East, Meng Shen of T’ang dynasty recorded the origin and usage of every food consumed in the court. In India, mythology mentions that the oldest and first ever book on cookery is Pakadarpanam (The Mirror of Culinary Skills), written by King Nala.

2.Cookbooks are a guiding light that can take one on a journey of understanding traditions and culture. Scholars in the past also believed that cookbooks are a source of information not only to understand social or gender-specific roles but also material factors such as trade and network.

3.So what could be considered a cookbook in our modern society? It has been noted recently that there is a surge in the number of infotainment and documentary programs about food. Recipes are no longer just about cookbooks. In fact, a new breed of Indian culinary experts are cooking their way to celebrity status. And they are achieving this via social media. As they demystify Indian cuisine and offer stepby-step guidance to creating mouthwatering Indian dishes, these talented men and women are inspiring a lot of Indians to pick up their ladles and try out various recipes in their own kitchens.

4.The social media chefs are here to stay. No longer does an amateur home chef have to struggle with trying to understand what exactly the recipe instruction means when it says things like, “the batter should be of pouring consistency”. Now one can see the chef demonstrate on video what exactly ‘pouring consistency’ ought to be like.

5.A lot of people used these recipes that were easily available on social media to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooking, which was considered a necessity at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown days, turned into a recreational activity over time. It also functioned as a tool to improve people’s psychological well-being. This gave them a goal-oriented behaviour to engage in, while also being a way to connect with others by sharing recipes or posting pictures of their creations on social media. Thus, documenting recipes online is the modern version of authoring a cookbook.

Glossary: contemporary – occurring in the present

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below.

i.The search is done by examining the treasure trove of a documented past. This also holds true for the history of food. (Paragraph 1) Why would the author refer to cookbooks as a ‘treasure trove’?

A.because they contain recipes for rich foods

B.because writing them requires a lot of time and money

C.because they hold a wealth of information about the past

D.because writing recipes is considered a rewarding experience

ii.Refer to the following from Paragraph 1:

Meng Shen: records of food consumed in court

King Nala: Pakadarpanam, the oldest book on cookery (Paragraph 1)

Which of the options display the MOST LIKELY the reason the first cookbooks were from royal households?

A.The royalty was involved in the planning of all their meals.

B.The royalty wanted ordinary folk to know how to eat like kings.

C.The royalty had to be ready to serve special food to foreign visitors.

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D.The royalty had the resources to create complex dishes and document them.

iii.Cookbooks are a guiding light… (Paragraph 2)

Which of these options uses the same literary device as the line above?

A.This cake is the heaven of taste!

B.These grapes are as sweet as candy.

C.These biscuits are delicious. They’re the best!

D.This recipe was so interesting. It jumped right off the page.

iv.The author says “cookbooks are a source of information to understand gender-specific roles.” (Paragraph 2)

State one of the ways how cookbooks could reveal information on gender-specific roles.

v.Provide one example of how cookbooks can be a source of information about trade and network.

vi.Complete the following with a phrase from paragraph 3.




gradually progress from one stage to the next

vii.The social media chefs are here to stay. (Paragraph 4)

Which of these best describes the tone in the above line?





viii.Based on the passage, state any two reasons why more Indians are exploring the art of cooking.

  1. __________
  2. __________

ix.In the passage, which of these is NOT suggested as a reason for people posting on social media about the food they cooked? share that they have completed a task maintain a record of all that they have cooked explain the steps they used for making the dish create a sense of competition among their followers  

x.Write an appropriate title for this passage. 

II Read the passage given below.

1.Playing videogames provides entertainment and many social and psychological rewards. However, videogame addiction also needs to be considered. Researchers have noted that the number of hours spent playing videogames is not necessarily a core indicator of addiction. Instead, several factors such as how fun or challenging a game is, or being able to play with friends are also important determinants to understanding whether a game is addictive or just engaging.

2.A study investigated the reasons for smartphone game addiction. This was done by analysing the reviews of games. Reviews were collected from games across different categories in an app store. A total of 25,200 reviews were collected containing references to the game being addictive. These reviews were analysed and the number of times different factors were mentioned for terming a game as addictive was recorded.

3.Table 1: Frequency of factors associated with smartphone gaming addiction, as seen in the reviews of the games.


Factor 1

Factor 2

Factor 3

Types of Games




















(Note: This table displays only a small portion of data from the original study which analysed 9 factors across 14 types of games.)

4.It was seen that 22.37% of the total reviews in the study that described a game as ‘addictive’, also described it as ‘challenging’. This was the most common factor associated with addictive games, out of all the 9 factors. This was followed by 15.7% of the reviews mentioning the factor of ‘ friends’. Although it is a cliché, the ubiquity of the internet has made the world a global village. Friends can now play and interact as a group, build virtual relationships within the game, and attain social recognition from others, without even meeting in person. All of these factors can be highly engaging to players, and for some, these could become addictive.

i.Based on the passage, state any two reasons why we need to study videogames.



ii.Layla spends two hours a day playing games on her phone. According to the passage, is this information sufficient to say she is addicted to video games? Why/ why not? Answer in one sentence. iii.Complete the following analogy correctly with a word from paragraph

1: flourishes: grows: __________: factors

iv.Based on paragraph 1, it can be said that the level of __________ and __________ in a video game determine how addictive it can be. Which of these can go in the blanks to complete the sentence correctly?






A.1 & 4

B.2 & 3

C.3 & 5

D.4 & 5

v.The study mentioned in the passage used game reviews to understand what makes a game addictive. State one reason why game reviews were analysed for the purpose of the study.

vi.Based on the table in the passage, which type of game does the given graph represent?





For the Visually Impaired Candidates

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Based on the table in the passage, in which category of games does the factor of ‘Fun’ play the LEAST role? Answer in ONE word.  

vii.A developer of a crossword puzzle app is seeking advice to make improvements to the app. Based on the data provided, which of these ideas is BEST to recommend to the developer?

A.Make the puzzles tougher to solve.

B.Allow players to team up or compete with other players.

C.Create more levels in the game for players to win prizes.

D.Change the colour and design to make it look more appealing.

viii.Write a word from paragraph 4 that means the SAME as the underlined word in the sentence below. It is the universal appeal of smartphones that made videogames very popular.

ix.Read the sentence given below. Why is everyone playing on their phones? In which of these places in the passage can the sentence be used? the beginning of paragraph 1 the end of paragraph 1 the beginning of paragraph 2 the end of paragraph 4  

x.Which of these is BEST suited as a title for the passage?

A.Smartphones Boost Addiction

B.Challenge Your Mind with Games

C.A New Way to Game with Friends

D.Understanding Addiction to Games


Attempt ANY TEN of the following questions.

i.Read the conversation between a mother and her son. Complete the sentence by reporting the mother’s reply correctly.

Son: Mom, how do I become an artist?

Mother: You will need to learn more about the art you like and practice it every day.

A son asked his mother how he could become an artist. She told him __________.

ii.Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete this advertisement.

Are you looking for more books to read? Due to popular demand, we __________ back our ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer next weekend!

  1. brings
  2. brought
  3. will bring
  4. were bringing

iii.Identify the error in the given newspaper headline and supply the correction.

Athletics Star Helps State Stays Ahead of Competition

Use the given format for your response.

iv.Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line, from a doorway sign.

Caution! You __________ not enter. Only employees are allowed beyond this point.





v.Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word in the bracket, for the given portion of a diary entry:

Dear Diary, Today I saw the most beautiful sunrise over the ocean. I wish I could __________ (painting) it to truly capture and preserve the beauty I witnessed.

vi.Select the option that identifies the error in a museum plaque and supplies the correction for the same.

These building, inaugurated on 29 March 1954, was a former residence of a Maharaja.

vii.Fill in the blank with the correct option to complete the sentence below.

You must have got good news. I could __________ you celebrating! A. hear B. hears C. heard D. hearing

viii.Read the conversation between a lawyer and his client. Complete the sentence by reporting the lawyer’s reply correctly.

Client: I am worried, this is a very complicated case.

Lawyer: Don’t worry, I have never lost a case in my life.

The client was worried as it was a very complicated case, but his lawyer told him __________.

ix.Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option, to complete the text message below.

Let’s meet another day since neither Kavi nor Samantha __________ free today as they have tennis practice.



x.Select the correct option to complete the narration of the dialogue between Ayan and his mechanic, Vir.

Ayan: By when do you think you can fix my car?

Vir: Probably by tomorrow. I don’t think your car has any major issues. Ayan asked his mechanic Vir when he thought he could fix his car.

Vir replied that he could probably fix the car by __________ as it had no major issues.

A.that day day


D.the next day

To check all questions, download the full practice paper from the link mentioned below:

Below is given the link to the marking scheme provided by CBSE. In this marking scheme answers of all questions of the CBSE practice paper are given. Download the marking scheme to check the answers for quick revision:

Some other important resources for CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam can be checked below for quick and effective preparation:

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