Biden Feeling Better as He Seeks to Show He Is Still Working With Covid

WASHINGTON — President Biden’s symptoms from Covid-19 “have now almost completely resolved” as he nears the end of his Paxlovid treatment, the White House physician said on Monday.

At this point, the president is reporting only some residual runny nose and “minimal hoarseness,” according to the latest daily memo issued by Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor, the president’s doctor. “He is experiencing no shortness of breath at all,” Dr. O’Connor wrote.

Mr. Biden remains isolated at the White House and his schedule is in flux as his team waits for him to fully recover and test negative. But he has two virtual meetings on his public schedule for Monday. During the lunch hour, he will deliver remarks via video to the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives conference.

The White House has not said when Mr. Biden will be cleared to resume in-person duties, but Dr. O’Connor repeated that “he will continue to isolate in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations” and added that he is “very specifically conscientious to protect any of the executive residence, White House, Secret Service and other staff whose duties require any (albeit socially distanced) proximity to him.”

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