The world’s leading crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance, has seen the departure of 10 key executives from various departments in the first nine months of 2023. While executive departures from a company are the norm based on their preset contractual obligations, the number of executives leaving Binance amid growing regulatory troubles has been a key talking point in the crypto community.

The latest to join the list is Helen Hai, executive vice president of Binance, who announced her resignation from her post on Sept. 6. On the same day, Gleb Kostarev, vice president of Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Australia and New Zealand at Binance, also announced his resignation, as did Russia and CIS general manager Vladimir Smerkis.

  1. Sept. 6, 2023: Helen Hai announces her resignation.
  2. Sept. 6, 2023: Vladimir Smerkis announces his departure.
  3. Sept. 6, 2023: Gleb Kostarev announces his resignation.
  4. Sept. 4, 2023: Mayur Kamat, product lead at Binance, announces his resignation.
  5. Aug. 31, 2023: Leon Foong, head of Asia-Pacific at Binance, announces his resignation.
  6. July 7, 2023: Steven Christie, senior vice president for compliance at Binance, announces his resignation.
  7. July 6, 2023: Patrick Hillmann, chief strategy officer of Binance, announces his resignation.
  8. July 6, 2023: Han Ng, general counsel at Binance, announces his resignation.
  9. July 6, 2023: Steve Milton, global vice president of marketing and communications at Binance, announces his resignation.
  10. July 6, 2023: Matthew Price, senior director of global investigations and intelligence at Binance, announces his resignation.