Australian boxing superstar Ebanie Bridges is speaking out against allowing biological men to fight against women in the sport.

The current IBF bantamweight world champion took to Twitter to express her concerns about allowing biological men into the ring, saying she would take the backlash as “it’s my life at risk.”

“I have nothing against transgender at all, be what makes you happy BUT the REALITY IS a natural born woman and a trans woman ARE NOT THE SAME,” Bridges wrote, quote tweeting a video of a discussion about allowing transgender biological men to box against women.

“Trans shouldn’t not be ‘included’ in sport so give them their own divisions,” the boxer continued. “I Will never agree to male born trans women competing In combat sports against woman… and if I get hated on for my opinion idc cos it’s my life at risk.”

The Australian Sports Commission told sports governing bodies last week that they must remain committed to “promote a spirit of inclusion.”

Kieren Perkins, the CEO of the Australian Sports Commission, told ABC News that “in modern society […] there is a need for us to provide far more diverse and safe opportunities for people to compete and be involved in sport.”

“Community sport is one area where obviously inclusion is unquestioned and absolutely needs to be open and safe for all,” Perkins continued. “But when you start moving into high performance sport, it does require a more nuanced conversation.”

In February, the World Boxing Council announced that they are considering separate categories for transgender boxers — which activists have called “dehumanizing” and “segregation.”


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