Canine Coaseanism

We are for a while caretakers for a dog, and so I have started thinking what kind of trades I might make with the beast.  Of course for Darwinian reasons dogs have co-evolved with humans to be fairly cooperative, at least for some breeds (and this is a very smart, easily trained breed, namely an Australian shepherd).  So the dog’s behavior (my behavior?) already mirrors some built-in trades, such as affection for food.  But what kinds of additional trades might one seek at the margin?

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One thought comes to mind.  I would like to signal to the canine that, when I get up from the sofa, he does not need to follow me because there is no chance I will offer him a food treat.  It would be better if he would just stay sleeping.  And yet this equilibrium is impossible to achieve.  Nor does rising from the sofa quietly succeed in fooling him, he follows me nonetheless.

I conclude that the current (spayed) version of the dog is already fairly Coasean in his basic programming.

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