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Who first declared that God is dead?

According to Michael Sonenscher it was German romantic Jean Paul Richter: I had gone through the midst of the worlds.  I mounted unto the suns, and flew with the milky way across the wilderness of heaven; but there is no God.  I plunged down as far as Being flings its shadow and pried into the ...

Poland and Hungary Oppose EU’s Immigration Plan – Warsaw and Budapest Have a History of Non-Compliance To European Rules – Countries Demand All Decisions Be Made Unanimously | The Gateway Pundit | by Paul Serran

The mass migration scourge has been afflicting Europe since 2015, and gives no sign of slowing down. But a considerable amount of pushback has started, mainly by Poland and Hungary, countries that have refused to accept ‘immigration quotas’ from the very start. The EU’s court ruled, in ...