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Is China really dumping Treasury bonds and sending yields higher? A former US official explains the mystery

ReutersChina is not dumping its stockpile of US bonds, Brad Setser, a former Treasury official, wrote.A large part of China's holdings is not accounted for in official US data, he said.While it has sold some Treasurys, Beijing has bought up US debt in the form of agency bonds.China isn't fueling ...

‘I cook and clean’: I live with my boyfriend. We’re 51. I pay for all utilities and groceries. Now he wants me to pay half his mortgage.

Dear Quentin, I have been in a relationship with this man for five years. I moved into his home a year ago. The plan was for me to pay all the utilities, dog expenses, and groceries. I cook and clean, and take care of things around the house and now he is asking me to pay half ...