CATL is already producing M3P super dense batteries – a new secret chemistry that costs little

CATL now entered by right in the Olympus of world battery manufacturers, and soon could have an extra arrow in its bow. According to the Chinese company, its called batteries M3Ppresented with a few details a few months ago, would be already in the production phase in high volumesand for this reason they would arrive on the market, aboard electric cars, already in 2023.

When CATL first spoke about these batteries, several analysts from China had reported that it was LMFP cellslithium-manganese-iron-phosphate, a variant of the simpler LFPs, which have long been used by various manufacturers.


In reality, CATL later denied this analysis, explaining how in its chemistry, therefore still secret, other elements are also presenti absent in the LMFP, and who prefers to call the new batteries “ternary lithium battery of phosphate chemistry system“.

But why are M3Ps so important? Because they have not indifferent merits, as long as obviously the manufacturer’s declarations turn out to be true. In fact they should have one energy density higher than LFP, weak point of the chemical one, but without reaching the costs of the classic NMC or NCA ternaries. For electric car manufacturers this could mean more range, less weight, but also lower costs.

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