China reports 100 new Covid cases for June 27 versus 106 day earlier

SHANGHAI: Mainland China reported 100 new coronavirus cases for June 27, of which 16 were symptomatic and 84 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Tuesday.
That compared with 106 new cases a day earlier – 39 symptomatic and 67 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.
There were no new deaths, leaving the nation’s fatalities at 5,226.
As of Monday, mainland China had confirmed 2,25,581 cases with symptoms.
China’s capital Beijing reported no new local symptomatic cases, compared with three a day earlier, and no new local asymptomatic case versus one the previous day, the local government said.
Shanghai reported no new local symptomatic cases, compared with two a day earlier, and no local asymptomatic cases versus two the previous day, local government data showed.

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