Chris Rock first talks about Will Smith’s slap

For weeks, last March, there was nothing but talk of that: the slap in the face of the comedian Chris Rock settled by Will Smith, offended by a joke about alopecia of his wife Jada Pinkett, at the last Oscars. Lots of speculations, opinions and even Smith’s own apologies. The only one he didn’t have yet addressed the topic, perhaps in order not to fuel the storm, it was Rock himself. But now it seems that he has found the right distance to discuss it and in two distinct comedy shows he held over the weekend, one in New York and the other in New Jersey, he did statements about: “Anyone who says words hurt have never been punched in the face“, The comedian would have said:”I’m not a victim, however. Yeah, she hurt, f * ck. But I shrugged it all off and went to work the next day“.

I’m not going to the hospital for a cutHe continued, demonstrating a kind of detachment from what happened. In fact, previously he had intervened on the fact only last April, reiterating that he wanted to leave the episode behind without further comments: “I’m fine, I have my new show and I don’t want to talk until I get paid. Life is good. My hearing has also returned”, He said in an ironic way, but alluding to one possibility of compensation. Immediately after slapping Rock on the Oscars stage, Will Smith had made statements in which yes excused with himwith the Academy and with the public: “I exaggerated and I was wrong. I’m embarrassed and my actions don’t reflect the man I want to be “he said before being banned from the prestigious film awards ceremony for the next ten years.

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If Smith is having a rather complicated period professionally, with delayed films and future projects pending, Chris Rock, on the other hand, is doing very well and he is touring the United States with his own Ego Death Tour, a comedy tour. Not that it’s exempt from disputesthough: just last weekend his show and that of colleague Kevin Hart was opened by Dave Chappelleanother veteran of US comedy whose show a few days earlier in Minnesota had been canceled for the protests against his transphobic positions. Rock, who will tour Europe with Chappelle in September, has always defended his colleague and has often lashed out at so-called cancel culture which according to him made comedy boring and not very funny.


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