Clown World – Philadelphia Inquirer Says Fetterman Won Last Night’s Debate

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s opinion staff gave its opinion on last night’s Senate debate winner and they picked Fetterman.

Perhaps nothing could show how biased a paper can be than to pick John Fetterman as the winner in last night’s debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

First of all, Fetterman was way under matched before he had his stroke, and now Fetterman is out to lunch.  For the local Philadelphia paper to rate Fetterman the winner, is beyond silly, it’s as nonsensical as Fetterman’s responses during the event.

Critics tore into the Philadelphia Inquirer’s opinion staff on Wednesday after they had reviewed Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman’s debate performance as better than that of his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.


Even though many liberal media pundits admitted that lingering impairments from Fetterman’s stroke in May rendered his debate performance “painful to watch,” the Philadelphia paper’s opinion section rated it better than his rival’s.

The paper graded the performance by averaging the scores of each opinion writer’s assessments of both candidates. Ultimately, the Inquirer gave Fetterman a 4.3 rating out of 10, while giving Oz a 4.1.

Sean Davis who still has a Twitter account shared what everyone was thinking:

Maybe the writers at the Philidelphia Inquirer didn’t see the debate.  Maybe they didn’t see this response from Fetterman when he said his doctoral said he was fit to be serving.

Maybe they didn’t notice that Fetterman began the debate by saying “Good night”:

Maybe it was Fetterman’s response on minimum wage that the Philidelphia Inquirer didn’t see.

Moderator: Small business owners who have told us that if the minimum wage were increased to $15 an hour, it would put them out of business. You have 30 seconds.

John Fetterman: We all have to make sure that everyone that works is able to that’s the most American bargain, that if you work full time, you should be able to live in dignity as well. True. And I believe they haven’t had any businesses. You can’t have businesses being subsidized by not paying individuals that just simply can’t afford to pay their own way.

Moderator: Okay, Mr. Federman. Thank you. Mr. Oz. Turning to you.

TGP shared last night – what complete nonsense and also “Watch the fake news media report that Fetterman won. Just watch.”  That didn’t take long. 

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