Column bonus, Stecca launches an appeal to the Government to release the funds

The question raised by manufacturers of charging stations for electric cars for private use, raised by Alberto Stecca and addressed to the new Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy (Mimit), wanted by the Meloni Government, it’s about what happened to the awaited wallbox bonus.

columns bonus

The incentive, funded with 40 million euroswas introduced August 5, 2022 with a Dpcm under the Dragh Governmenti, to then come published in the Official Gazette on 5 October: guaranteed a discount equal to80% on the installation of domestic recharging points, with a maximum ceiling of 1,500 euros per family or 8,000 euros per condominiumvalid until 31 December 2022.

Subsequently, within the Milleproroghe Decree (art. 12 paragraph 3) – approved by the Meloni Government and published in the Official Gazette on 29 December 2022 – the bonus was re-proposed for both the entire two-year period 2023-2024, with the same specifications:

  1. Amount of the contribution (80% of expenses);
  2. Maximum expenditure ceiling (1,500 euros for private homes, 8,000 euros for condominiums);
  3. Fund allocated to the measure (40 million euros for 2023, the same for 2024).

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As of today though the incentive is suspended in Italian regulatory limbo, still awaiting the implementing decree; and it is in these quicksand which inserts Stecca’s appeal.

It is possible that they have been stranded why are there no ‘directive decrees’ of the Ministry of Economic Development (now the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy) which identify the procedural provisions for the disbursement of benefits? We are talking about essential funds…” continued the CEO of Silla “… especially by reading the data from Motus-E, which certifies 80% domestic charging in Italy (for those with a garage), or the EU, which declares ‘Private charging represents more than 90% of charging. It will maintain a very high share in the future’ Or again the Acea estimates, which foresee almost in European homes 21 million columns by 2030 for the Fit for 55 goals“.

Stecca is not new to actions of this type, pushes by an intellectual and entrepreneurial dynamism that breaks against political immobilism:

“We have hundreds of customers who would like to buy, but are waiting for incentives. In this way the market stops and people stop buying”, he said at the 2022 Key Energy trade show.

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columns bonus

At this point Stecca he reached out to the Meloni government to set up a meeting “to understand how to unblock an apparently inexplicable situation”.


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