Cop27, what should we expect from the climate conference in Egypt

Twelve months later, a lot has changed. War in Ukraine triggered an energy crisis, food, prices, and in Sharm we will see if the executives will keep the climate among the priorities. “We hope so”Sighs Maria Grazia Midulla, energy manager of WWF Italy. But in Europe the distinctions have begun. “The needs of individual countries are different, there is no one size fits all “, admitted an expert negotiator from Brussels, confirming however the commitment of the Union: “We will not back down on the goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees“.

Even from the China – after the tensions with Taiwan and the international reaction – the feeling is of less commitment. Good news comes fromIndia: the country, which had blocked the final Glasgow compromise together with Washington and Beijing, reducing its ambition, seems to be solidly on the road to energy transition.

It will be an African Cop, “Mediterranean adds Giulia Giordano, head of international programs of the think tank Here: “Together with the one in Dubai scheduled for 2023, it will bring attention to the region“. But it will also be a COP in which the debate on nuclear power, already resumed in Scotland, will probably reopen.

Losses and damage

Finally, there will be the question of loss and damageliterally “loss and damage”, that is, the compensation for the countries most affected by climate change, which paradoxically are also the ones that pollute the least. There is no agreement on the definitionand there are many reservations on the part of the West. It is feared, in essence, that giving up land could pave the way for claims worth trillions of dollars. “It should be remembered that the international community already intervenes in the event of disasters”, Explained the correspondent for the Italian climate Alessandro Modiano, whose assignment expires at the end of the month, and who will be in Sharm with a technical staff for both weeks. Modiano is not unbalanced with Wired on renewal, although in any case he will continue to work as a director of the ministry.

Career diplomat, last seat in Cairo, he followed the whole process he conducted in Sharm. “At the G20 in Bali, the atmosphere was tense – tells -. At the PreCop in Kinshasa last month I found a more serene, positive, improved atmosphere. Although I don’t think this will be a breakthrough conference“. Better to hold the position. In a meeting with the press, Modiano added that “everything must be done to ensure that there is no turning back on the objectives. In particular, on mitigation, that is, the goal of limiting warming to within 1.5 degrees. For us it is acquired, but it has been questioned by others, especially in the G20 context“.

An Italian climate fund of 840 million

Modiano announced a Italian climate fund of 840 million euros a year for five years, which will be officially presented in Sharm on 7 November. On that date, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is expected in Egypt. The leader will be called upon in the coming months to express with facts the weight that the climate issue will have in her executive. The common program of the center-right was quite vague in this regard.

Regarding the absent, the name of Greta Thunberg stands out: for the Swedish activist the COP is alone greenwashing. It seemed that the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak should not participate: in the end there will be, probably following pressure from his own party and internationals. The U-turn could pave the way for the presence of King Charles, whom former Prime Minister Liz Truss had asked not to come. Also present were Joe Biden and John Kerry, Xi Jinping absent. Star Leonardo Di Caprio announced, who would return after last year’s appearance.


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