Corsair K100 types by itself? It’s not a keylogger, blame the macros

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In recent months, a few posts have popped up on the forum Corsairsbut not only, for a problem involving some keyboards K100 of the company: they type by themselves some sentences written by the users in the previous days. The event aroused huge concern about the security of personal data, but Corsair explained that this is a bug and there is no privacy risk.

In essence, some users have begun to notice a rather anomalous behavior of the keyboard that started typing, without any keystrokes, sentences written by them even a few days before. The first thought immediately turned to a “keyloggers“, i.e. malicious software capable of recording keyboard input.

However, Corsair is investigating that issue seems to involve a very small number of units to say the least compared to the thousands sold. A spokesperson clarified that this is in no way intentional or related to data theft behavior, but rather of a bug related to on-the-fly recording of macros.

“Corsair keyboards unequivocally they do not log user input in any way and they don’t have the ability to log individual keystrokes,” a company spokesperson told AD ArsTechnica. “The macro function may inadvertently start and record keyboard input, and potentially mouse input as well. These macros are then triggered and replay inputs later and could be misinterpreted as keylogging. We are still investigating the nature of the problem together with our customers.”

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This is essentially a known issue, but one that shouldn’t cause concern. According to some users, the latest software update would have fixed the problem alreadyalthough new ones have been found. In any case, Corsair suggests resetting the keyboard via a “hard reset”.

Carrying out the procedure is quite simple. Simply unplug the keyboard from your computer and hold down the “Esc” key for 5 seconds when reconnecting. If this is not enough, the company has asked users who are experiencing problems with contact the support service directly.


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