Crying statues: what science says

Weeping statues and how to explain them (with science): For a few days the main ones social networksespecially in Italy, are invaded by images and videos that portray the statue of Jesus positioned in the pitch of the Turin natural park of Amaze you. Reason for all the fuss are a few drops – told how tears, as they seem to come out of the eyes – which fall on the face of the statue. As is easily imaginable, the faithful immediately described the incident as a miraclewhile (small spoiler of the continuation) le case checks on this new one crying statue they are still few and only in the preliminary stages.

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The chronicle of the incident, for what little is known

We are on the provincial road number 143 which connects Biella to the A4 motorway, at a place of prayer in the area of ​​the Stupinigi park which belongs to the municipality of Nichelino. Last Thursday 8 December – day of the Immaculate Conception according to the Catholic tradition – after sunset a group of believers from the association The light of Aurora was collected in Angels Tavernin prayer for a family in need. Precisely in conjunction with that moment of worship (as reported by those present) the statue would have been seen clearly weep, at least 4 times and copiously. It would have been the first to announce it “a lady”, not better defined, which would have called the people gathered in prayer to observe what was happening. Different photos would have been taken in those moments, and as we know they quickly went viral.

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The author of one of the most re-shared videos argued that all the evidence suggests that the statue actually wept, given that it was not raining and, moreover, both the head and the other parts of the body of Jesus are perfectly dry. Moreover, those present would have also directly verified that it was not a matter of resin fallen from trees in the park. Following the media outcry raised by the episode, the Curia of Turin proceeded to removal of the statue from its location, taking it – with a transport escorted by the Carabinieri – to its headquarters.

The acclaim of the miracle and the perplexed reactions

Some coincidences related to the statue’s alleged weeping have led several believers to argue that it was some sort of divine signof a supernatural phenomenon. First, the place of the alleged miracle is very close to where some were reported years ago apparitions of the Virgin. And then, in terms temporal, the concomitance with the already mentioned feast of obligation of 8 December, particularly important in the context of Marian veneration. Finally, the people gathered in prayer a few meters away: a sign, according to believers, of a mystical revelation that came precisely in response to the invocations of the faithful. According to what some Christian theologians would have stated, it would perhaps be a matter of a message of concern coming from thetall.

Although obviously the matter certainly cannot be entrusted to the so-called web courtit must be said that by taking a look at the comments that have piled up on the various social channels it is noticeable some hesitation in interpreting what happened as a miraculous phenomenon. At the center of the criticisms there is above all a question of tangible evidence: since these are mostly photographs, almost all we have are static imageswhich as such do not show the tears themselves but in fact only the still drops that wet the face of the statue.

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