Digital terrestrial, MPEG-2 goodbye: what changes from 21 December for users

December 21, 2022: the date is to be circled in red on the calendar, because that day will be completed on transition from the old to the new digital terrestrial with the shutdown of MPEG-2 encoding which will be permanently replaced by MPEG-4. For those who have already replaced older devices there will be no surprises, those who have decided to postpone until the last moment the decision to buy a TV compatible with the DVB T2 HEVC-10 standard must hurry, given that in two days all channels that do not broadcast in HD will no longer be reachable.

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The transition to the new standard will allow an improvement in visual quality and high definition and the release of frequencies in the 694-790 MHz band, the so-called “700 band”, for 5G mobile services.

The transition from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 will take place on December 20th. ON December 21 the channels will be visible only and only if you have a TV or decoder compatible with the new standard.

However, one may be required retuning of channels: once completed you will be able to view all the channels available in HD.

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