Donna Kelce brings cookies for Travis, Jason at Super Bowl media night


PHOENIX — There was no bigger star at Super Bowl Opening Night than Donna Kelce, the mother of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the first brothers to ever compete against each other in the Super Bowl.

One of her sons will win Super Bowl 57, and one will lose— that’s just how the cookie crumbles. But in the meantime, she brought something for the brothers to snack on. 

“She comes baring gifts,” Michael Irvin said as Donna Kelce joined Jason and Travis Kelce on stage to a rowdy applause at Footprint Center.

Donna Kelce, wearing her signature split jersey, brought two Tupperware dishes full of chocolate chip cookies that her sons gladly accepted. 

“You are probably cooking these cookies forever for these guys. That’s probably what got them big and ready for the NFL,” Irvin joked. 

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Donna Kelce said it been “amazing” watching both of her sons reach the Super Bowl: “It’s been amazing that they’ve both been able to get to this point in their careers and to both enjoy this Super Bowl together.”

She said her game plan on Sunday is to “scream loud every time someone has the ball.”

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