Think and Grow Rich Book is a must-read for investors and those with entrepreneurial mindsets.

The Book is written by American Seff-help author Oliver Napoleon Hill, Who is best known for his contribution to write an exceptional book like Think and Grow Rich.

This talks about hundreds of ideas of money-making secrets and stories of many successful men who became wealthy with the help of these ideas.

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Think and Grow Rich audio summery

The details of this book are as follows.

Think and Grow Rich PDF Details

Book Title Think And Grow Rich
Author Napoleon Hill
Language English
Book Format Paperback
Number Of Pages 288 Pages
Genres Self-Help, Non-Fiction, Inspirational, Finance
First Published Date 1937
Latest Edition 31 May 2012

The Author of Think and Grow Rich Book

Think and Grow Rich tries to help individual to get rich and improve their life by following few curative habits and a positive mindset.

The Author discovered how successful people think and grow rich in their life, What are the common habits of wealthy people, and put down 13 most prevalent ones in the book.

This study has been done on 500 wealthy self-made millionaires, their common habit, their psychology, and how they became successful. It took 20 years to complete the study.

The Ebook PDF of Think and Grow Rich was originally published in 1937. From that time this book has sold millions of copies till now and became a best-selling Book

You can shape your life too by reading this book without paying a single penny you can just download it from here

Think and Grow Rich eBook free Summary

Who is the Think and Grow Rich book summary for?

Think and Grow Rich Book Summary is for those who want to learn to think like successful people and who want to learn to believe in themselves This book summary is also for those who are not able to achieve their destination due to some reason.

To achieve something big, you must have a great desire.

Everyone wants to achieve success but only a few people achieve it. Have you ever tried to find out the reason for this? Successful people are successful because there is a lot of desire for success in them, they are ready to go through any extent for that.

Do you have the desire for success or the determination to fulfill your dreams? If yes, then you will fulfill your dreams. think and grow rich book summary.

Take Colonel Sandles, for example. After retirement, Oye went door-to-door asking for chicken’s recipe. They got their first order after hearing no from about 1000 door to door. Since then, the food chain named KFC started, which is famous all over the world today.

So, it means to say that the desire to win inside successful people is more than the fear of losing.

They run after their dreams even when 100 people say no, that’s why they become successful, so you too should first of all awaken this desire within yourself.

Map out your routes to reach your destination.

Success will come to you only when you know what you want to achieve. For this, first of all you think where to go.

And after that think how far you have to go. If you want to become a famous author, then this is a list of how many bestselling books you have to write.

After this, you write that by when you have to achieve that destination. If you have just thought that you have to do it but have not thought till when, it means that you are procrastinating to do it till later which will not allow you to reach your destination.

In the end, you have to decide how you will reach your destination. Write each step well and think what you have to do when you do this work, it will be better when you get your complete plan, immediately start working on it.

When you have your complete plan, write it somewhere well and read it twice a day after waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night. By doing this, you can keep an eye on your work and motivate yourself to do it.

Self-confidence is one of the biggest characteristics of successful people.

If you pick up history and read the story of any successful person, you will see that every successful person believed in himself. No one has achieved greatness without it. He knew he would do what he was doing one day and he would not stop until he achieved it.

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Take Thomas Alva Edison for example. Even after failing 10,000 times in making the bulb, he did not believe in himself. Still they kept trying and wrote their names in the pages of history.


There is a lot of power in believing in yourself. It can get anything done. So if you reach your destination then you have to believe in yourself.

Self Confidence!

You can change your behavior by telling yourself good things about yourself.

Everyone can learn to trust themselves. If you keep telling yourself every day that you can do it, a time will come when you will actually be able to do it. Talking to yourself this way is called autosuggestion.

In auto suggestion we think about those things which we want to do by doing which we can lead ourselves towards success but due to some reason we are not able to do it. When we keep saying that thing to ourselves again and again, a time comes when our mind accepts it as truth and we become capable of doing that work.

With the help of autosuggestion, we can learn to trust ourselves and do whatever we want to do. If you are one of those people who want to achieve something. And if you are not able to trust yourself, then this method was made just for you.

What do you need to have to be successful?

With the advent of knowledge, many tasks become easy. Successful people always keep increasing their knowledge. That the more you study, the more successful you will become. But if you stop studying, you will remain where you are and success will elude you.

You do not need to take admission in any university, nor do you need any degree to get the information. You can do with a lot of information and be successful without even going to school. For this you read books by different authors, attend seminars or any educational program. Knowledge does not mean that you remember things from around the world. It means that knowledge and experience which can be used properly when the time comes and can take itself forward.


Apart from this, it is also important to introduce yourself to the experts so that if you want to know about anything, you can ask them. There are many experts in big companies who are consulted, and you do not need to know everything.

Your ability is your ability to imagine.

Albert Einstein said – Being intelligent doesn’t mean how much you know, being intelligent means how much you can imagine.


Imagination is the only way with the help of which we can convert our dreams into ideas and our ideas into reality. Imaginations are of two types:


  1. Creative Imagination –


In this kind of imagination we think of something which was not thought till date. With this we try to create something that no one has thought of till date. It was used by big investors to make big things.


  1. Synthetic Imagination –


In this type of imagination, we combine many old ideas and turn them into a new idea. This was used in Sony to make the MP3 player. Sony turned the playback device of journalists into a device that anyone could use to listen to songs. This is how the Walkman was born.


If you want your ability to imagine to remain, then you keep fantasizing from time to time. The more you imagine, the more your ability to imagine will grow. With this, you can become more successful over time. think and grow rich book summary in hindi


Pay attention to your weaknesses along with your strengths.

Many of us are not ready to accept that there are many flaws in them as well, which can be rectified and taken forward. This is what prevents us from being successful, for this first of all try to know about yourself. think and grow rich book summary in hindi


To know about yourself, you can ask yourself some such questions – Have I accomplished my goal for this year? Could I have done more this year? Could I have made better decisions?


Such questions will tell you where you are making mistakes. This will give you an idea of how you can improve yourself. Many habits are already there in all of us, these habits include laziness, putting off today’s work for tomorrow, or not doing what should be done.


Always keep a work list with you, in which you have written all the work that you have to do. If you could not do it within the given time then it is time to find out where you are making mistake.

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After knowing yourself completely, if you want, you can ask any other person about your behavior. That person could be a close friend of yours who knows you very well. Both of you can make yourself better than before by telling each other’s shortcomings.


Have a positive attitude to be successful.

Our conscious mind knows to differentiate between good and bad things. That’s why it has the ability to throw away the useless things by keeping things with itself and only its work.


But this is not the case with our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind keeps the good and the bad things with itself. That’s why it is important that you keep yourself away from bad people and bad things.


Our subconscious mind stores all kinds of information, due to which our behavior becomes the same over time. If you stay with ill-mannered people for 2 months, then even without wanting to, abuses will start coming out of your mouth. think and grow rich book summary in hindi


Being around and listening to unsuccessful people makes you one over time. You cannot escape from the influence of company. Bad company will make your habits bad which you will not be able to succeed.


So if you want your behavior to be good then always think good and be with good people. By doing this, by filling our mind with good things, we can make our behavior the same and become successful. think and grow rich book summary in hindi


The biggest feature of successful people is their will power.

Many people are unable to stick to their decision for a long time. It is these people who fail. In difficult times, they leave the decisions they have taken and focus on work which is not beneficial for them in the long run. think and grow rich book summary in hindi


If you don’t stick to what you say, you can never be successful.


To be successful it is very important to be stubborn. People will always say that you did the right thing, that you cannot do this work, but it is in your best interest not to listen to such people. If you keep working according to everyone’s ideas, then you will not be able to do anything.


If your decision is less because of the words of such people, then do not tell anyone about your destination. Tell about this only to those who are very special to you, these are the members of your team.


Only stubborn people win in the race of success.

Whenever we do any work, there are difficulties in it. Many people do not face difficulties and run away from them. They think that this will make their work easy, but with time or difficulties, compounded with interest, fall on their heads.


Successful people know this very well. Whenever they set out to achieve a destination, they take a breath of peace only after achieving it. If you want to be successful, you have to stop putting off any work. You have to learn to persevere, for this you adopt four habits.


Cultivate within yourself this deep desire to achieve a destination.


Keep yourself away from negative people, stop sitting with them who reduce your spirits.

Let’s insist


Inculcate these habits in yourself in this way. It should be impossible for you to remove them from yourself. Only then you can move forward by holding the stubbornness to do something.


To achieve something big, you have to be with people like you.

Working in a team has its own advantages but these advantages are more than the advantage of working alone, so make a team for yourself. think and grow rich book summary in hindi


The bigger your destination, the bigger its planning will be, the more difficult it will be to work on that plan and the success you will get if you work hard. That’s why it is very important that you build a team for yourself.


Take those people in your team who work to achieve a destination. When some people’s talent, ability to work, hard work and dedication get together. So such a success is achieved that one person could never have done alone. think and grow rich book summary


It is very important to have intelligent people in this team, it is even more important to have a good relationship between those people. That’s why take only those people in your team who know well about working in the team. So choose wisely with whom you are going to work.


Summary –

We were all born to be successful and free. But by being bound in the chains of our thinking, we have been forced to live a life of failure. To become successful, first of all, we have to learn to believe in ourselves and inculcate the desire to succeed. After this, we can be successful by planning our work and walking firmly on our path without turning.


I hope you have liked this book summary very much and you have got to learn something new from it. So if you feel that there is a lot of value in this content, then you must share it with your friends and families.

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