To all Patriots intending to show support for President Trump on Tuesday at the Florida Federal Courthouse

My name is Jon Mellis and I’m a J6er sitting in the DC Jail with many other J6ers. We love you.

We appreciate your support of President Trump. Thank you for showing up for him.

Please do NOT let any violence happen while you show your support and patriotism to the greatest President in American history.

We all know too well that government operatives may be involved.  Antifa and BLM agitators will try to attack you, egg you on, and even infiltrate your crowd to cause problems.

DO NOT allow violence to occur.

Be your brothers’ keeper and be your sisters’ keeper by de-escalating any possible altercations.

We J6ers know too well that ANY and ALL violence will be blamed on Trump supporters no matter who initiates it.

God bless you all. Take care of each other and don’t give the Left what they want. Show the Christian love we know you have and be safe. We J6ers stand with you. We love you.

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Strength and Honor,
Jon Mellis and the J6ers in the DC Jail

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