Exclusive! Police have nabbed the culprit who sent me extortion mail, but my family is still worried for me: Bigg Boss 10’s Manu Punjabi

Bigg Boss 10 contestant and actor Manu Punjabi received an extortion email a few days ago while he was in his home state Rajasthan. Following this, he contacted the Jaipur police, who traced the IP address of the email to a man in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. On Tuesday
morning, the latter was taken into police custody and is being held for further interrogation.

Manu spoke exclusively to Chandigarh Times. He said, “On June 22, I received an email from someone saying that he is from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. He demanded `10 lakh from me. The mail went on to state that if I didn’t send the money in the next four hours, I would be killed. I was also warned in the mail to not contact the police. The email, in the end, had digital signatures from Goldy Brar (the Canada-based gangster who reportedly claimed responsibility for murdering Sidhu Moosewala).”

Manu added, “Since I was in Rajasthan, I contacted the local police, who assigned two police personnel for my protection. After investigation, they caught the accused, who they said is a drug addict living in UP. Though this person’s claim that he is from the Bishnoi gang has not been established by the police, my family is still afraid. In fact, I had an event two days back, but my family forced me to cancel it.”

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Richa Tomar, deputy commissioner of police (West) Jaipur, told us, “Manu had contacted us four days ago about the email. After investigation by our technical surveillance team of Jaipur (West), we traced the IP address of the email to Bijnor (UP), and we sent a team there to arrest the accused.” She added, “The way the email has been drafted, like a pamphlet, is not the modus operandi of Lawrence Bishnoi gang, and he had not sent any bank account details to send the money to. Our investigation reveals that the accused is a drug addict, and he has sent the email to other celebrities too, whose identities I am not at liberty to reveal right now. We will keep him in police custody and interrogate him further.”

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