The Federal Reserve’s upcoming instant payment system, FedNow, released its list of certified “early adopters” on June 29. The organizations on the list have been certified as ready to connect with the platform when it launches in late July. No blockchain networks are on the list, despite at least two having previously announced that they would connect to the instant payment system.

The FedNow service stated that some organizations not on the list may be integrated later, and Metal Blockchain said it still intends to connect with the platform once it gains “the appropriate bank sponsor.”

List of organizations certified with the FedNow Service. Source: Federal Reserve Board Services
Metal Blockchain’s listing in the FedNow “service provider showcase” on May 11, which was subsequently removed. Source: FedNow website on May 11
TassatPay listing in the FedNow service provider showcase, June 30. Source: FedNow