In Nairobi the best meals are to be had at the upscale Indian restaurants, and it seems all or most of them are quite good — choose what fits your location and traffic constraints.  The basic style usually is derived from Punjabi dishes.

The “British colonial” food is not bad, but I don’t think I would consume it repeatedly if I lived in Kenya.

Chapati and hummus are regularly interspersed amongst regular “Kenyan” food.

Ugali, a kind of corn meal that comes in many different forms, is the Kenyan national dish.  It is good, albeit predictable, and often you have to ask for it to get it.  I also like the dish with the sliced tomatoes and the chiles.

Blueberries are the fruit to try, and they are both sweeter and more tart than the U.S. product.

The food at the safari camp was very good, though it paid off to be asking all the time for more Kenyan dishes.

By the way, I can recommend the Naboisho Camp highly.  Very friendly staff, excellent guides, and the supposed “tents” are more like high-quality hotel rooms.  As comfortable as any place you could hope to stay at, the general weather usually is perfect, and you can sit and eat breakfast and watch the birds fly and the animals stroll by (at some distance).  At night the hyenas start chattering and sometimes there are lions too.  They do not allow you to walk to your room at night unless you are accompanied by a Masai man with a spear, but that only adds to the fun.  The guides typically consider the ill-tempered buffalo to, in practical terms, be the most dangerous animal around for the humans.  You won’t see rhinos there (Nairobi National Park suffices for that), but even cheetahs and leopards you are likely to come across, not to mention the certainty of numerous elephants, lions, hippos, giraffes, hyenas, wildebeest, warthogs, and much more.  Recommended!

Kenya Airways is about to start daily direct flights from New York to Nairobi, and I found flying with them (from London) to be perfectly fine, albeit not close to an Emirates standard.

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